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Homemade Father’s Day Gifts From Kids

Updated on June 18, 2009

Homemade gifts are the perfect Father’s Day gifts from kids. Why would Dad want a new tie when he could have a personalized gift that his children took the time and effort to make? Here are some ideas for great homemade gifts:

Scrapbook Story Book
Make a photo scrapbook of the story of you and Dad! Start with baby pictures and include all the major events, special memories, and important milestones along the way. Include captions to Dad telling him why you liked that particular family trip or event. Paste in objects that remind you of him or relate to something special you did together. For small children, paste a photo on each page and use fingerpaints to draw or make handprints around it.

Photo Magnets
Many photo processing centers can create magnets out of photographs. Choose pictures of just you, pictures of you and Dad, or pictures of your whole family and make him a set for home or for the office. You can choose from small magnets showing only your face, to larger ones. Some processing centers will allow you to print a caption along with your picture, so include an inside joke or a heartfelt message telling Dad how much he means to you! You can also make magnets at home by pasting a printed photo on a stiff piece of paper and gluing a magnetic strip on the back.

Gift Basket
If several children want to get Dad a joint gift, make Dad a gift basket full of handmade cards and objects that relate to your family. Include photographs of your baseball team winning the tournament, or that Father-daughter Brownie dance. Include foam or paper picture frames decorated for Dad. Help Mom make some of Dad’s favorite homemade snacks and include those in your basket, too!

Personalized Notepads
Create a picture or message for Dad, and take it to an office supply or copy store that can shrink it and place it on each page of a notepad. The picture can be placed in a corner of notepad pages, or faded as a background to each page. Dad will see your handiwork each time he reaches for a piece of paper at home or at the office!

Homemade cakes can be both decorative and delicious! Help Mom bake a homemade cake and then decorate it with colored icing. Icing tubes can be bought from many grocery or restaurant supply stores. Create your own message to Dad or a picture that reminds you of him!

Image Credit: theogeo, Flickr


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