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Housewarming Gifts for a Young Couple Starting Out: Ideas for Presents for Him and Her

Updated on August 21, 2011
Chris Telden profile image

For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.

Find affordable presents suitable for any young couple moving into a new home. These gift ideas include ones for her, ones for him, and ones for both of them. (And if the couple in question isn't a husband-and-wife couple, but rather a couple of roommates, a couple of siblings, a couple of women or a couple of men, it doesn't matter. These gifts work for all of them.)

Housewarming Gifts for a Couple

This cute pair of aprons is the perfect useful present for a young couple, either as a set or individually.

Both the "Too Many Chefs, Not Enough Dishwashers" apron and the "I'll Cook, You Clean" apron are black no-iron poly/cotton blends that area easy to wash and care for.

They make a funny gift especially good for couples in which both people like to cook. These are very affordable.

Happy Housewarming to Them - Luxury Presents

A gorgeous gift bouquet of cookies with a housewarming theme is just the thing to present to a client upon closing, or to a neighbor, work acquaintance, or friend you want to impress.

The Welcome Home Box may be a little more expensive than your average housewarming gift,  truly special and thoughtful housewarming gift for a couple, complete with champagne flutes, handmade soap, and more homey treasures.

Ornate Decorative Housewarming Asian Luck Gifts

Wish good luck to the young couple for a long, happy time in a new home with these exquisite placques symbolizing lucky, happiness, peace and love.

They look great with any type of decor, and are especially great for nature lovers, creative men and women who love funky stuff, and people who appreciate spirituality.

Wind Chimes for a Man, Woman or Young Couple

Wind chimes make a fantastic housewarming gift. A house feels far more like home when these chimes meld with the breeze, producing gorgeous sounds that emphasize the connection between man and nature.

We lived in apartments when I was a kid, but I have great memories of wind chimes. For many years, my father sold these funky rustic ceramic windchimes that he made himself and would display them at craft fairs. He used to grab his booth and shake it, making all the chimes sound at once and everybody turn to look at us in surprise. His chimes were the usual tinkling, random tenor chimes.

These days, chimes have come a long way, and many of them sound out portions of songs.

These chimes are perfect for people moving into a condo with a patio or porch, a house, or an apartment or other residence with access to a hook for hanging and a breeze.

Housewarming Gift for Apartment-Dwelling Couple

For a couple who lives in a small space, a candle is a great housewarming present. These homey and feng shui selections will bring warmth and aromatherapy to the room. They are also inexpensive, a plus when your heart is bigger than your pocketbook.

Feng Shui Gift Books

Feng Shui is the popular system of Chinese rules for arranging one's interior spaces to create the best flow of energy. The West has taken the idea of Feng Shui and run with it, and the philosophy has had a lot of influence on interior home design and even, to some degree, architecture.

The young couple will be fascinated by these books introducing the concepts of Feng Shui. Whether or not they buy into the philosophy, if they are curious about different philosophies of interior decorating, they will enjoy these memorable books.

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