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Best Realtor Closing Gifts and Client Appreciation Presents

Updated on March 24, 2011
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For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.

Best Housewarming Gift Idea From Realtor to Client

Here is a carefully chosen selection of closing gifts and "realtor gift to clients" ideas. Real estate agents typically give thank-you gifts to new homeowners during or after a house closing. Traditionally, they present gift baskets, wind chimes, coffee table books, or other housewarming gifts as a thank you and offering of welcome and good luck to the family, couple, roommates, or single woman or man to whom they just sold a house, beach house, condo or other home.

These creative realtor closing gifts include suggestions for unique and unusual yet professional presents for your clients to help boost referrals and personalize your brand.

Note: If you are a client looking for ideas for a thank-you gift for your real estate agent, go to Best Realtor Gifts for good realtor-appreciation suggestions.

Realtor Closing Gifts

Housewarming gift baskets are the perfect closing gift to give to any client - a young couple, an older couple, a family with kids, a group of roommates or a single man or single woman.

If you've sold a house or a condo to a client and are absolutely stumped as to what to get them as a thank you present, try the Hearty Housewarming Cookie Gift Bouquet with beautifully decorated home-themed cookies. These are listed on with different numbers of cookies in each arrangement, with as many as 12 cookies per set.

Real Estate Closing Gift Baskets

The No Place Like Home Housewarming Gift Basket is another winner, consisting of a wire basket with a homey, country feel and assorted down-home American food treats. This will be a star real estate closing gift to clients that are hard to gift.

Give and You Shall Receive...Referrals?

If you're looking for referrals, first sell them a nice house they love. Then top off the good feeling that brings and purchase for your client one of these elegant gifts.

These luxury housewarming gifts won't be eaten and discarded, but remain as keepsakes and stick in your client's memory...which could mean more referrals for you if all goes well.

And of course, good clients deserve fantastic thank-you gifts!

The unusual windchimes shown here, though quite affordable, are not your everyday wind chime and make one of the best closing gifts for clients.

Realtor Closing Gifts for the Newly Married

The tricky part of gifting for couples is finding something they'll both appreciate. Whether there's just been a wedding or the young couple has finally landed the house of their dreams or a starter house, you'll want to thank them with a closing gift uniquely suited to them.

At their housewarming, give them something cozy, romantic, and useful around the house. Newly married couples especially appreciate functional items rather than cutesy - there's already enough clutter at moving time. Food, wine glasses, a mailbox cover...even his and hers key holders will be welcomed with open arms.

Real Estate Closing Housewarming Gift Ideas for a Young Couple

Realtor Closing Gifts for a Woman, Single or Married

For a Female Realty Client

If the house or condo you sold is to a woman, your task is easy. You can select among a wide variety of housewarming gift baskets or find the perfect housewarming gift for a woman.

Or check out this selection of ideal offerings for the lady. She'll love her closing gift of gift basket or feng shui candle set.

Tip:  As a female who has been on the receiving end, I recommend that if you're selecting an item for a woman that you know has seasonal allergies, do avoid the typical spa gifts, potpourri, and other scented stuff.  There's a good chance she's also sensitive to fragrances and will have to either regift or let the assorted lotions and bath items sit, unused, in a cupboard for years!

Male Clients Real Estate Closing Gifts

If your client is a man, you might want to give him a "guy gift." Many of the other gifts throughout this article are perfectly appropriate for men.

But if he's a real macho-macho cowboy man (ahem - I'm married to one of those) who's sure he'd hate a "sissy floral gift basket," pick a gift basket that focuses on the usual guy things - tools, shaving, golf and grilling!

Even if, like my hubby, the last thing he wants is extra clutter at moving time, the new male homeowner will smile despite himself, because there's one thing all gift baskets have that's welcome everywhere and anywhere: food!

Realtor Closing Gifts for a Man, Single or Married

Inexpensive Real Estate Closing Gifts to Clients

Though cheap, these real estate agent closing gifts are only cheap in price, not appearance.

Books in particular with a cooking, home repair, or country living theme make great cheap realtor closing gifts.

Americana and wind chimes are always popular with new homeowners, as are mailbox covers and aromatherapy accents.

Wind chimes are classic traditional offerings.  Scattered throughout this article are some of the most popular wind chimes, from low to mid-range in price.

Cheap Realtor Closing Gifts for Housewarming

Vacation or Retirement Home Closing Gift

If your client bought a beach house, tailor the housewarming thank-you gift to a nautical, beach, vacation, or retirement theme. They'll delight in adding this closing present to their new "fun home".

From a flip-flops welcome sign to a Welcome to Our Beach house sign, these are all good ideas for a retired couple, young family, or single man or woman who enjoys living by the ocean or lake.

Other Tips

  • To make a lasting impression, pick items that are neither generic (and thus forgettable) nor overly personalized (and possibly unsuitable).
  • Offerings that suggest thoughtfulness and that have some purpose or function will be less likely to be discarded or forgotten.
  • Food gift baskets should include something non-edible and non-disposable that the new homeowner is likely to keep and hold onto.
  • Time your delivery well.  If you catch the homeowners during the actual move, they're far more likely to be distracted by the hectic activity and treat your gift as an afterthought.  If you have the gift delivered right before the move, it may be missed and neglected in the sweep of moving.  A basket delivered well in advance of the move, or right after the actual closing, is more likely to be noticed, but may well be forgotten in the excitement of the pending relocation.  A present delivered after the bulk of the move is done and the client(s) are in a state of relief (whew - that's over!) may have more of an impact, as it puts the final stamp on the transaction.

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