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How Facebook Can Help You Choose The Perfect Gift

Updated on April 7, 2014

The name of that place is Facebook, yes! Facebook has played a major part in everyone’s life in letting people express their interests on the internet. This is perhaps a way you can find out what you are looking for. This can be quite an interesting search and perhaps the one you are going to have to keep a notepad ready with you as you go through the following points.

How to select the perfect gift using facebook


Visit The Profile

This is the basic step that is quite elementary in beginning the search. Also one important thing is to define the occasion, for example if it’s a birthday then the results of what you find will help you narrow down your options. Visit the ‘about’ section of that person, here mostly you would find certain specific details of the person. But what we are looking for is the current place they are working; this is quite an important factor, so note it down.

Check Their Interests

Now being on Facebook for quite a long time, there is a fair idea that you get as to what your friend likes or doesn't like. It could be a game, it could be a page. More important is how frequently they are active on those mediums. It is quite easy to deduce this fact, if you are getting a lot of game requests from that person, then it means they are interested in it. There goes yet another element that will help you out and next is a page, it could be a music page or an artist page. You can track how much they interact for posts coming from that particular page. For example if they are following a particular band page, then there is going to be comments and likes on most of their posts. Something related to that band or artist could be a great gift in such a case.

Check The Pattern Of Their Status Updates

Now status updates speak a lot, the only thing we need is to understand it from its hidden lines. Follow the status updates of the recipient, the kind of thoughts they put forth, can contain key information on what they like and what they could be expecting. Have an eye for detail.

Look Out For What They Share

Sharing is caring as most people say, now when you are on Facebook, depending upon what you share, a lot can be realized. It could be related to an organization, or some cool products that you love or some piece of art. Mostly the shares are something that you want most people to see but it also states a fact that the reason you are sharing the post is because it appealed to you.

The Photo Albums

You may be wondering where photo albums fit in the picture. Well, honestly it does and you get an important piece of information from them. It corresponds to the fact that how frequently they update their albums. The photos tell you whether the person loves to travel, or is a party animal or is just interested in posting self images. This is quite significant in deducing about the interests of the person and narrowing down possibilities.

Based On Your Interaction On Facebook Chat

We may not take a close look at our chats once they are done, but facebook keeps them as memories, which you can choose to revisit whenever you want. It sometimes happens that while you were chatting with that person, the conversation includes some elementary mention of what they were interested in or what they would love as a gift. You can take a short trip of this conversation till you arrive at what you were looking for.

Based On All The Analysis

When you have gone through the basic checkposts of analysis, the results you may have received could majorly point out in the range of personalized gifts, sunglasses, gift vouchers, books and music. Now it could be anything from the above or it could be a totally new thing, you get to choose as it is a wide playground, and things can get interesting as you consider these points to choose the perfect present for your friend.

The above analysis was merely based upon a general observation of anyone’s profile on Facebook; they hold a great amount of information. We may have never otherwise thought that how effective it could be, but we all leave huge chunks of information about our daily lives on this popular social networking sites that based on these information one can easily make a guess about the likes and dislikes about that person without happening to ask them directly. There could be certain instances when some people might have enabled privacy settings. But in such case mere analysis of status updates and page likes will enlighten about their interests. Also when a person is enabling privacy, it is a clear indication that the person is skeptical about things and quite particular about certain things in their life, on such occasions you can choose to surprise them with personalized gifts. This is a sure fire way to be unique and make an awesome impression on your recipient as they will look amazed the moment they come across a present based on what they would have really wanted. Watch them go speechless as you smile upon the thought, that it was Mak Zuckerberg’s greatest creation behind this sweet present.


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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 3 years ago from Ireland

      Never knew Facebook was so useful for helping out with decisions like this. Thanks for sharing your tips.