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How to Find Good Christmas Music

Updated on November 24, 2009

Do you dread the traditional holiday Christmas songs that blare over the radio stations year after year? If you find yourself wishing Frosty would melt faster or feel that Rudolph’s nose is lighting your way on the straight path to insanity this Christmas, perhaps you would benefit from a search for new Christmas music to keep you in the holiday spirit. Here are some tips for widening your Christmas music collection and bringing some comfort and cheer into your home this Christmas.

1, Talk to friends. This is still by far the best method of discovering any new music, and is especially true around Christmas. Chances are that at least some of your friends will have musical tastes similar to yours. Ask what they are listening to, and they probably won’t tell you that they are rocking out to Ertha Kitt’s “Santa Baby.” Poll friends with differing tastes for recommendations in several genres. Even if you are not normally a fan of punk rock or R&B, you might find that exploring a new kind of music is just the remedy for stale Christmas recordings that you hear year after year.

2. Check out new music. Since Christmas music has been covered for so many decades, performers that are releasing Christmas music now often try new things with familiar tunes, such as giving a Latin beat to a tune traditionally sung as a ballad, or introducing different ethnic music styles to European Christmas favorites. Also, many artists release entirely new Christmas songs to add to your collection.

3. Attend live musical performances. Live music is hard to beat, and even those Christmas songs you don’t think you like very much can be wonderful in live performance. Around Christmastime, there are lots of musical concerts featuring hymns and traditional carols. Check out your local children’s choirs, string quartets, jazz bands, choral productions, operas, or symphonies for opportunities to check out Christmas music live. In addition, many restaurants feature live combos and small ensembles, giving you the chance to have dinner and a show in one!

4. Create your own soundtrack. If you are at all musically inclined, performing Christmas music for others can be an incredibly rewarding way to give back to your community during the holidays. Whether you sing or play an instrument, set up a small performance at a school, nursing home, coffee shop, or local music venue. Accept donations from your audience for a particular charity. Of course, caroling is always a popular choice that many people appreciate around the holidays. If you’re not a performer yourself, find out where there are live musical performances and invite a friend to come with you.

Image Credit: scottfeldstein, Flickr


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  • sim0n30 profile image


    7 years ago from Ireland

    Nice hub


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