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How to Give of Yourself as a Present or Gift

Updated on March 3, 2013

The best gifts are personal ones. Here are ways you can give gifts without spending time and money in a mall or overusing your credit card online. Think of people’s life circumstances and ask yourself how you can help or bless them in their current situations. Giving gifts is a way you can show you care, and here are some non-materialistic ways you can give the gift of yourself at Christmas time or any time of the year...

The Gift of Babysitting

Find a mom with young children and offer to babysit so she can have a date night. While she is out vacuum a room or two and clean a bathroom. Moms with young children rarely have time to spare and appreciate any help you can give them, even if it’s only occasionally.

The Gift of Housework

Once I had a carpet shampooer and my friend asked if she could borrow it. Instead I went to her house and shampooed all her carpets for her. I gave her my machine and my time and she was truly blessed.

The Gift of a Memory

Spend a day somewhere with someone special, share an outing, share a day. You won’t forget it, and neither will your friend.

The Gift of Photographs

We take many photographs, and especially now in the digital age, but we don’t do anything with them. A lovely gift is to do a collage or put a photograph in a frame or album and give as a gift.

The Gift of Hand Written Words

The hand written word is now rare, and a pretty card or a letter on fancy stationary is something to treasure. It takes a little time and effort but it will be kept and treasured. Tell mom what you think of her or write a love letter to your partner.

The Gift of De-Cluttering

Most people have too much stuff and no motivation to reduce it. Tell a friend you will give your time to help her clean out a closet or reduce clutter.

The Gift of Home Baked

The gift of prepared food is so much nicer than store bought. There are so many more options than just cookies. A good presentation here is essential too.

The Gift of Motivation

Does your friend want to exercise more while you are a habitual jogger? Can you help your friend achieve a goal that needs more motivation? Or maybe she needs help setting some personal goals.

Just remember, the aim in giving a gift is to bless the person who is receiving it. Don’t give stuff that will add to their clutter if they have too much stuff already as that will not bless them.


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    • Susan52 profile image

      Susan Deppner 7 years ago

      Excellent ideas for how to give of yourself. "The aim in giving a gift is to bless the person who is receiving it." Powerful words, great reminder. Thank you!