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How to Make Monogrammed Easter Eggs

Updated on March 16, 2012

Monogrammed Easter eggs provide a fun twist on the traditional method of decorating the eggs. Instead of one color on the eggs or a plain design, you add an initial to the egg. If you have a group of people coming over for the holidays, make a monogrammed for every person on your guest list. You can even use the as place cards or as a fun table setting that your guests can take home.

What do I Need for Monogrammed Eggs?

Easter egg dye

Cup or bowl


Paper towels

Hard boiled eggs

Monogrammed stickers

How do I Make the Monogrammed Easter Eggs?

Start by mixing your Easter egg dye according to the directions on the package in a cup or small bowl. Set the dye in the center of your work area with a layer of paper towels sitting nearby. Carefully drop one of the hard boiled eggs in the dye until the egg is completely submerged.

Slowly count backward from 30 and remove the egg from the color. Set the egg on the paper towels and let sit until the egg completely dries. After the egg dries, place a monogrammed sticker in the letter of your choosing in the center of the egg. You can find these stickers in most craft stores or any store with a scrapbooking section.

Run your fingernail over the top of the sticker, making sure that it sticks to the egg without any gaps. If your egg is even slightly wet, the sticker will start peeling off. After you attach the sticker to the egg, carefully place the egg back into the dye cup. Let the egg sit in the cup for at least 60 seconds or until it develops the color that you want.

Lift the egg out of the cup with a spoon and place on the paper towels. Once the dye dries, slide the edge of your fingernail under the sticker and carefully peel it away. The monogram should be a lighter shade because of the first dunk with the darker shade on the rest of the egg.

Monogram Egg Tips

If you want a bolder or brighter monogram, skip the first dunk in the egg dye. The area behind the sticker retains the original color of the egg.

Repeat this step with additional hard boiled eggs, using a new monogram sticker each time and changing the color as needed.


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