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How to Make a Father’s Day Gift Basket

Updated on June 18, 2009

Creating a gift basket for Dad can be one of the most enjoyable and personalized gifts you can give. Gift baskets are imaginative, attractive, and extremely versatile. No matter what Dad’s interests are, you can create a unique gift basket suited to his tastes.

Think about the things that Dad enjoys doing, and create a “themed” basket. Your basket should be filled with things that Dad uses on a regular basis as well as new things to try. You could design a gift basket with a running/exercise, fishing, golfing, or other theme that is best suited for Dad. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Think outside the basket!

Consider using a container other than a basket. The container itself can be matched to the theme. For instance, if Dad enjoys fishing, use a bait bucket or fly basket for the container. This will give the gift “basket” a unique look, and will probably be more useful to Dad than a basket would be.


Include many different kinds of items.

This will make the basket more visually appealing and more interesting to Dad. Include items that are related by theme but are different in height, color, or content. So if Dad enjoys running, instead of giving him a basket full of SportBeans, include a few SportBeans, a runner’s magazine, a stopwatch, running socks, and some pictures of you and him at his running events. This variety will make your basket more interesting.


Use filler to keep the gift basket items in place.

You will need some filler in your basket so that your items are held in place, and to make your basket more attractive. Think of an unusual filler that will go with your theme. For a Dad who likes to fish, try using unwound fishing line. If Dad enjoys hiking, collect some small rocks from his favorite hike. If he enjoys gardening, pick a few flowers from the garden and place them in the basket just before giving it to him.


Decorate a pre-stuffed gift basket.

If you would rather buy a pre-made gift basket, give it a personal touch by decorating it with pictures of you and Dad, or include some personal or memorable objects in alongside the pre-stuffed ones. Write Dad’s name on the gift basket in a creative way. Include some homemade cookies or other snacks that Dad enjoys.  Even a small amount of personalization can go a long way.


Image Credit: Calvert Café and Catering, Flickr


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