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How to Make Balloon Arches for All Kids’ Occasions

Updated on August 6, 2008

Balloon decorations have the magical ability to transform you from a regular parent into the best Mom or Dad ever!

Balloon Arches Rock

Everybody loves balloons, especially kids. Whether you're doing a quick arch for a five-year-old's birthday party, or a grand entrance for the prom, these fun and easy ideas should get you started on making the coolest decorations at reasonable prices.

A balloon arch or column is a great way to add a festive air to your celebration without breaking the bank. You can make them for just a few dollars and the cost of your own breath!

Balloon Arch Framework

You can make your framework out of PVC pipe, or an aluminum or plastic rod from your local home improvement store. You'll need to attach the balloon arch to the wall or ceiling, or fashion a sturdy base for additional support. The beauty is that you can create an arch, column, or anything else that you can dream up. Then just attach balloons with wire, string, or tape. Party supply stores even sell strips with holes in them for attaching balloons quickly and will little mess afterwards.

Like fresh flowers, balloon decorations have a limited shelf life. Air filled balloons will last about twelve hours, helium even less. Time your decorating right. It's also best to blow up and construct the balloon decorations on the site you plan to display them. Filled balloons are not so easily transported!

Other Balloon Decorations

  • Clusters - groups of four or five tied together work well
  • Garlands - string clusters together and hang from the ceiling
  • Shapes - create any shape with easy to bend aluminum rods
  • Columns - anchor a vertical frame, use two with an arch on top for wow factor
  • Centerpieces - anchor on the table with 2 cups of sand in a paper sack

Balloon Arch Balloons

Balloons filled with air last longer than those filled with helium, but they need more support. If you're going with air you may need several helpers to blow them up, but if you or a neighbor have an air compressor handy, you won't even need to get winded.

If you go with helium you won't need as sturdy a framework for your creation. Keep in mind renting a helium tank will significantly drive up the price. Plus, the helium balloons' tendency to float away makes them more difficult to work with.

You'll need about 4-6 balloons per foot of frame.

Balloon Arch Resources

Directions with pictures:

Everything you need to know about keeping balloons outside:

Great pictures for ideas:


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