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Ideas for Father's Day Gift

Updated on June 13, 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is celebrated on 15th June and we all want to surprise our father with love. One of the way to express your feelings and love for your father is to give him a surprise gift. Here we have given a list of possible gifts which you can give to your father and show your love on this special day.

#1 - Box of Sweets :

If your father like sweets then you can buy his favorite sweet and pack it in an attractive gift wrap. You can even make sweets on own at home and present it to him. He will surely like sweets cooked specially by you. You can even bake a cake for him and write thank you notes on it. If you are not a good cook then you can surely buy it from market. You can buy chocolate pack or father’s favorite sweet pack.

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Bake Cake at home
Bake Cake at home
Bake Cake at home | Source
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#2 - Box of Essentials :

You can gift him daily used items like men kits containing razor, shaving cream, men deodorants etc. You can prepare box of essentials on own at home by buying different items separately. You can take an empty shoe box and decorate it to keep different items in it and gift wrap it using attractive plastic papers. You can make use of glitter or sparkle pens to write your message, Possible items which you can put in this box are : Watch, shaving cream, razor, men deodorants, card & pen holder, swiss army knife, bottle opener, Compact tool kit etc. For geeky father you can gift him a new phone and beautifully wrap it.

#4 - Comfortable Sofa :

Gift your father Recliner chair or massage chair or swings so that he can feel comfort and get relief from hectic day to day life.

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#5 - New Clothes :

You can gift t-shirts, shirts, trousers, tie set, napkin set, gloves, undergarments etc. You can even give personalized t-shirts on which you can get an image of you with your father printed.


#6 - Decorative Items :

You can even give beautifully wrapped gifts of photo frame, flower pot, decorative water fall, etc.


#7 - New Office Bag :

You can even gift your father bag or purses. It can be laptop case, lunch box, cool wallet, personalized phone cover etc.


#8 - Shelves :

You can buy your father magazine racks if he is fond of reading books and magazines. For fathers who love books, you can give shelves with books or magazines of his interest already placed in it.

personalized book
personalized book | Source
Table Tennis
Table Tennis | Source

#9 - Sports Equipment :

If your father is sporty person and loves to play game then you can gift him equipment of that game like golf bar set, reebok shoes, cricket kit, shuttle pack, shoulder golf bag, table tennis balls, puzzle games etc. In addition, you can even gift poster of favorite sport star.


#10 - Fitness Equipment :

You can give your father fitness equipment like treadmill, exercise bike, jumping ropes, trampolines, weights, push up bar, dumbbells, benches, yoga mats, etc. In addition to fitness equipment, you can give gloves, muscle relief aids, nutrition for muscles, energy boosters etc.

More Gifts More Surprises
More Gifts More Surprises | Source

Additions :

More the number of gifts, the better as you will be giving more of surprises by splitting the gift items. In addition to above gift items you can give your father following gift items which are not costly and can be made on own too.

#1 - Greeting Card :

You can purchase greeting cards for father’s day. Alternatively you can prepare greeting card on you own which will save you some money and your father will definitely love your handmade card than the purchased one. Write thank you note on the greeting card. You can even make personalized calendar with your pictures on each month.

Thank you in different languages
Thank you in different languages | Source

#2 - Self Made Painting :

You can make paintings even if you are not a good painter, he will definitely love your painting provided its made by you. Choose a theme which suits your father or a message which you want to give to your father like “I love you” or write random quotations with illustrating pictures. You can even paint a t-shirt for him.


#3 - Personalized Key chain :

You can give personalized key chain with initials of you and your father’s name or love note.


#4 - Make CDs/DVDs :

You can burn DVDs with songs which are your father’s favorite. You can even gift movie DVDs or make video of your own thanking your father. If you are creative and can sing, then you can write a songs and sing for him. You can even sing on karaoke.

Collage Work
Collage Work | Source

#5 - Make a Collage :

You can make collage of pictures starting from childhood of your father till now. You can add to it images of your family, your childhood, and images in which you both are together. Cool collage can be made either using desktop software or mobile phone apps like PhotoGrid- Collage Maker for android :

You can even make collage on a chart paper on own by sticking pictures. Instead of collage, you can even choose to make photo albums.

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#6 - Flower bouquet :

If there are flowers in your garden you can collect them and make a beautiful bouquet at home itself.

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