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Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts

Updated on January 12, 2013

Giving, sharing, loving, its all part of Valentine's Day and any day in a relationship. As the greeting cards in the stores display, Valentine's day is a day for everyone. You can celebrate your love for your spouse, significant other, parent, or child. In a recent issue of First magazine, I read (interestingly enough) that statistically the people to most often receive Valentine's Day greeting cards are teachers. Here are some gift ideas for Valentine's Day.:

For Couples Exchanging Gifts::

1. A men's or ladies' watch

2. diamond earrings

3. cufflinks

4. spa products and/or a gift certificate to a spa

5. fragrance- perfume or cologne

6. a tennis bracelet

7. a musical collection- i.e boxed cd set of classical, r&b or other romantic music

8. a dinner out

9. cooking a special meal together

10. a travel vacation (Rome, Paris, the Caribbean, etc, etc)

11. Take a local trip not far from home and stay overnight in a lovely hotel. Be sure to take advantage of the amenities such as jacuzzi, swimming pool, and room service!

12. go out dancing together

13. See a broadway (or off-broadway) play

14. Give each other massages, long ones

15. This last idea may seem silly or adorable and fun depending on the reader. I've heard about this idea a few times and I'm one of the folks who finds it adorable. If there are any takers- you can include a handmade "coupon book" in your greeting card, personalized just for your loved one. Coupons can be good for an hour long massage from you, a special homecooked meal, etc., etc. When your loved one hands a coupon over to you to redeem, its time for you to take action!

16. And final, # sweet sixteen. I would be remiss to not mention flowers and chocolate!

Budget Romance- video from


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    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 9 years ago from USA

      Thanks for commenting deccasandy. I'll check your hub out!

    • deccasandy profile image

      deccasandy 9 years ago from Belmont

      Hi I too made a hub on valentine gifts that too eco friendly. You can check them out too. I liked your idea of dancing together.