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Inexpensive Gifts Online and Cheap Gift Ideas

Updated on November 13, 2011

Cheap Gift Ideas and Where to Buy Inexpensive Gifts Online

One of life’s simple pleasures is buying gifts for the people that we love. With the holiday season upon us many people are searching for cheap Christmas gifts. The best place to shop for unique affordable gifts is on the internet. Even with a tight budget it is possible to find beautiful yet inexpensive gifts online for the special people in our lives. You can easily buy nice, cheap gifts under $50 on the internet. Those of you who are creative can even make your own gifts online and earn extra money selling them. You can also save money by shopping at online stores like Amazon which offer discounts and holiday gift specials like Black Friday deals. This hub contains inexpensive gift ideas and tips on where to create, sell and buy gifts online. When selecting the perfect gift for your loved one you need to consider their personality and interests. The type of gift that they would appreciate is largely dependent on this. In the following sections I have outlined some inexpensive gift ideas for shopping online based on the person’s personality and interests.

Sentimental Gifts under $30

Mud Pie True Friends Love Mug
Mud Pie True Friends Love Mug

Sentimental gift for friends. Message reads,"True Friends are difficult to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget."


Personalized Gifts Under $20 for Sentimental People

Sentimental people appreciate gifts that remind them of special moments and of the special people in their lives. The easiest way to make an inexpensive gift meaningful is to personalize it. You can make the gift personal by adding a photograph of the two of you sharing a special moment. Other ways of personalizing a gift include adding a poem or sentimental message from you.

The Gift of Laughter: Funny Gifts under $20

During gloomy economic times like these we all appreciate the gift of laughter. If you have a loved one who enjoys laughing then the perfect gift for them is a humorous gift. There are numerous cheap funny gifts online. These include gag gifts, humorous signs and posters, funny t-shirts, humorous magnets, funny birthday gifts and funny wedding gifts. If you buy the gift at a print on demand company you can add your own funny message to it to give it a personal touch. A great place to find funny gifts online is at these include humorous signs, posters, magnets and t-shirts. You can also find a variety of humorous gifts at and including funny birthday gifts, wedding gifts and christmas gifts.

Affordable Art Gifts under $50 for Art Lovers and Artists

There is a common misperception that art is expensive. However, you can find various inexpensive art gifts online. These include framed art prints, art objects, art plaques and functional art gifts like home decor. If you are looking for affordable unique gifts then consider African art gifts and home decor. One of the best places to shop for affordable art online is at If you have an artist or budding artist in the family you can buy them art supplies, art gift sets or art books to help them make their beautiful creations. You can find a wide selection of art supplies and books at Amazon. You can also consider functional art gifts like decorative wine holders or candle holders and decorative plates.

Practical Gifts Under $25 for Practical People

Practical gifts are gifts that a person can use. Think of what the gift recipient likes to do. If they like gardening consider gardening tools, plants or books. If they like to read consider books, bookmarks, book lights and bookends. If the person likes to cook consider recipe books, recipe card organizers, personalized aprons or kitchen gadgets. Practical gifts for women include inexpensive jewelry, jewelry boxes, clothing, accessories, and home decor. Practical gifts for men include tools and toolboxes, electrical gadgets, sports gear, games, music and DVDs. A good place to shop for inexpensive practical gifts is it carries a wide variety of products and you can easily use their search box to find a gift.

Make Your Own Gifts Online

Many of us are looking for ways to save money and make extra money during these tough economic times. You can save money by buying inexpensive gifts or making your own gifts. Those of you who are creative may also want to consider making gifts and selling them online to earn extra money. You can make and sell gifts at Zazzle, an online print on demand company. In order to create a print on demand gift all that you need is an image created by you, this can be either a drawing or a digital photograph. You also have the option of adding words without images to a product, the words may be a poem written by you, a sentimental statement, a funny message or even just one simple word like, “Love.” The print on demand company then places your design on a variety of selected gift products. Gifts that you can create at print on demand companies include gift mugs, art products, photo gifts, key chains, magnets, gift t-shirts, gift bags and gift stationery. A number of online print on demand companies also allow you to set up a free gallery or shop to sell the gifts that you have created online.


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