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Inexpensive Gifts for Women

Updated on October 24, 2009

My Hand Painted Glasses

Cheap but Not Junk

Finding cheap gifts that women love isn't all that difficult. Before heading out to shop, try to find out some of her likes and dislikes. Take a few minutes to really think about this lady, does she like color in her surroundings, or is she more traditional and favors earthtones? Is she into fashion and jewelry, or does she like to garden?

Don't skimp on imagination when wrapping your gifts. The presentation should make a statement, and whatever is inside will show that you took the time to really think about her instead of grabbing something on impulse. Here's some ideas:


Most women like candles, whether they are scented, unscented, flame-less, round, square or sculpted. Candles are timeless and fit any season, and any occasion. There are some candles in glass jars, that have decorative tops. Some of the tops must be removed when burning the candle, but some are vented and can be left on when the candle is burning. Spicy flavors, such as apple pie spice, cinnamon, and pumpkin scented candles are great for the kitchen. Round out the gift with a candle lighter, they are very inexpensive and can even be used safely to light gas logs in the fireplace.

Wine Bottle Stoppers
These crafty little cork stoppers are limited only by your imagination. Bottle stoppers come topped with angels, cats, dogs, horses, team logos, boats, planes, and trains. You can find miniature teddy bears, raggedy ann dolls, rabbits, and birds on top of bottle stoppers. Great inexpensive gifts! Add a bottle of wine or beverage of choice to make a big impression.

Fuzzy Socks

Everyone can use another pair of those deliciously feeling soft, fuzzy socks. If she's on her feet a lot, coming home and putting on these wonderfully soft socks really are a treat for the feet. They come in every color of the rainbow, and some have slip-resistant disks on the bottom of the sock.

Gift Certificates
Always a good choice, especially if you are not sure what she likes, wants, or know her size. Gift certificates are available from virtually every store imaginable. If she likes to shop on-line, gift certificates are available from vendors, such as shopping channels, auction websites, and unique far-away places. You can give gift certificates for dining, crafts, garden and patio, drugstores, specialty foods, bakeries, and coffee shops.

Lottery Tickets
How about an assortment of lottery tickets? Who doesn't like the thought of being a millionaire without even trying? There are many lotto games, some as scratch-off tickets, bi-weekly and weekly jackpots are out there. Perhaps lottery tickets from other U.S. States or off-shore countries.

Home Gifts
If the person likes to craft and create, perhaps a gift certificate from a crafts supply store would fit the bill. Or, if your town has craft fairs throughout the year, perhaps a pre-paid entrance pass for an upcoming event.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Couldn't miss the opportunity to toot my own horn! I paint original designs on wine glasses, carafes, goblets, and cups. The colors and designs can be customized to suit individual tastes, holidays, or events. Specialty glassware is a special way to serve your guests. A carafe and four glasses is a wonderful gift, or you might prefer a basket, a bottle of wine, and two glasses.

Stay-At-Home Moms
Many moms don't have the time to shop for themselves, so a basket filled with hand and body cream, unique scented shower gels, and foot care products might be a perfect gift for her. Perhaps her time is limited and a day of casual shopping is out of range, so things from a body and bath speciality store may be a treat.

If she has pets and must be out of town, or travels frequently, a coupon for a pet-sitter might be another good present. If you know her well, you could print a booklet with coupons for free services that you would provide. Perhaps you could pet-sit, house-sit, or do a bit of landscaping or yard work for her.

Gel Eye Mask and Soothing Music
If she works at night, a gel eye mask would soothe the sensitive skin around the eyes, and block the bright light of day. Sounds of the ocean, rain, or other nature sounds are relaxing and soothe and relax the body. Perhaps this is just what she needs to her get uninterrupted sleep during the day.

Spending a lot of money to buy and give great gifts to a women is not necessary.

Yellow Fantasy

Roses on Wine Glass


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