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Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

Updated on July 24, 2014

Valentines Day on a Budget

Valentines Day is soon approaching and I don't know about you but holidays in general are pretty tough when you are on a budget. So I have put together some ideas for things you can do to make this Valentines Day special if you have little or no money. First of all, when dealing with any holiday you want to keep in mind that it really is the thought that counts. I mean no one wants a guilt ridden, expected present just because its a certain day of the month. With that in mind there are several things that you can do that are inexpensive yet thoughtful and most important romantic!

One suggestion is a massage. When giving a massage as a gift make sure that the room is lit by candlelight and you have soft music playing in the foreground. Also, if at all possible use some nice oils that you have around the house and see if the next door neighbors can watch the kids. And don't forget that a foot massage and/or a shampoo and head massage are two of the most wonderful feelings in the world so make sure to include those areas. Personally, I think that world peace could be achieved if people, on a regular basis, got those two kinds of massage. If you have ever paid for a massage you would know that it can be very expensive so why not treat your significant and save some money this Valentines Day?

A particularly good idea for those stay at home Moms and/or Dads out there is a "Get Outta Jail Free" Card otherwise known as a get out of the house pass that can be used at any time and under any circumstance. A few of these passes or cards would be ideal as a Valentine's Day present and would not cost a thing. Additionally, any kind of service can be used as a gift, is there some kind of work that needs to be done, do it. If you are not the cook in the family promise a certain number of homemade meals to be made at anytime. Whatever chore your loved one usually does can be done as a gift and would be much more appreciated than a card and/or lingerie that more than likely will never get worn. The gift of time is precious and a great gift when cash is short.

Additionally, look around for flowers that are free, either in your own yard or a neighbors yard (I would however, encourage you to ask before stealing someone's flowers!). While I do realize that it is winter there are a few kinds of flowers that bloom in the winter, some are pansies, violas, hellebores and crocus. Make a bouquet out of those and you might include some dried flowers as filler.

Another idea is to make homemade treats. Not every Valentines Day gift is given to a lover, some are given to friends and family and one of the most inexpensive and yet appreciated things you can do is make some heart shaped cookies, homemade jam or little cakes and distribute them to your friends and family, this would be cheaper than buying cards and most of them would probably prefer a homemade treat to a store-bought card anyway.

Why not make your own Valentine's Day cards? With a little time, imagination and ingenuity one can make the most beautiful cards using left-over lace, paper and old magazines (if you don't have any maybe your neighbor does). If you are artistic you can even draw or paint your own card. While many store-bought cards will end up in the waste basket the next day card like this would more than likely become a keepsake.

In closing, don't forget those that are alone and the elderly on this day. This holiday, more than many others can be quite depressing if you are alone so make sure to include your elderly neighbor or that relative that just got divorced or widowed. Happy Valentine's Day.

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    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 3 years ago from Manhattan

      I know a lot of people who like them.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 3 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Those get out of jail free and work type cards are very useful and really acceptable!

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan

      Oh well, I'm sure she's worth it Druid

    • Druid Dude profile image

      Druid Dude 6 years ago from West Coast

      I never get out cheap...the fifteenth is my anniversary! :)

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan

      Thanks Primpo and Happy Anniversary!

    • primpo profile image

      Primpo 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      They are great ideas. My anniversary is on that day so I might do the massage. The problem is he doesn't reciprocate. We will see.

    • profile image

      Eddie 7 years ago

      I always love Miss Brie!!!! xoxoxo!

    • Brie Hoffman profile image

      Brie Hoffman 8 years ago from Manhattan

      To Everyone who has commented in the last 2 months: For some reason my email notification was off so I wasn't notified when you wrote your comments. Thanks for commenting and I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond in a timely manner.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Great suggestions! Thanks for the hub...