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Is Santa Claus Real?

Updated on December 5, 2012

Is Santa Real?

Children sometimes pose this question?Some adults are not sure as well.But,all would love to meet the real Santa,sporting a long white beard,and laughing,Ho,Ho,Ho.....!!!

Well you are in for a surprise!Santa Claus lives in Lapland(Northern Finland) on the Arctic Circle in a little village called the Santa village and tourists are welcome throughout the year.Santa's village is just 8km from Rovaniemi in Finland and is accessible by bus or car.Rovaniemi has an international airport just 2km from Santa's village.

Santa Claus has his own office where he meets people from all over the world every day of the year.There is also a Santa's Main Post Office where thousands of letters that are addressed to Santa are read and sorted into shelves according to their countries.There is also an Elf school and  a Reindeer Park nearby.

You can also cross the Arctic Circle anytime of the year.You can see the midnight sun in summer and the Northern Lights during winter. 


Santa's Post Office

Communicate With Santa

Santa's Office

Click here for your armchair tour of Santa's office.

Write a letter to Santa at

Santa Claus,Arctic Circle,96930,Rovaniemi,Finland.He gets more than 700,000 letters a year!

Santa has gone virtual as well.He personally answers as many wishlists as possible by email.Click here to send a message to Santa by email.



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    • Psycho Gamer profile image

      Psycho Gamer 6 years ago from Earth

      well i am not going to say what i real think about it but children have to know the truth early really early and not grow up with pretty lies because truth hurts really bad...but i am not going to say what i believe....

    • hobo75 profile image

      hobo75 8 years ago from ireland

      he's real last christmas on the news it showed him leaving the north pole

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 9 years ago from London UK

      ho ho ho! and no!! lol

      Merry Christams!:)