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How To Enjoy Christmas Carols For Free

Updated on March 21, 2011
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Singing Christmas Carols

It is that time of the year when shopping arcades and homes play christmas carols.Dine-in restaurants have a variety of carols being played by old and new artistes.People love listening to carols as they drive to work or on their way homeover the radio or ipod.In short,there is the festival air what with every commercial establishment decorated in green,red and white-the colours of Christmas.Myriad stars of various types and colours beckon the shopper as also the wonderful christmas trees,both artificial and real.

The soulful rendering of O Holy Night sung by choirs are heard accompanied by a pipe organ in some churches.Some choirs have an evening programme redering carol numbers.Some church groups go around town visiting people's homes to sing carols and share the message of Christmas.

Some large families get together to practise singing carols with accompanying musical instruments played by a few of them,and then presenting their performances during a church service,or visit the less fortunate such as orphans,old people,prisoners,or the sick in hospitals where they are welcomed every year.




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