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Killing the Father Specie :: The Cultivation of Sperm Cells from Human's Bone Marrow

Updated on August 29, 2014

Killing the Father Specie :: The Cultivation of Sperm Cells from Human's Bone Marrow

In view of the celebration of the Father's day celebration which is celebrated all over the world in different times of the year, I remember a news about the cultivation of sperm cells from the bone marrow of humans which could be from a man or a woman. The news came to me as a surprised -- we have come along way in areas of research challenging traditional order of things. It is almost three years ago when I first heard of the news, and ever since then I keep on waiting for the update in the news. That was in 2007, and the research will be done after three to five years according to the lead researcher -- the result is not in yet.

I suddenly thought about the importance of a father in the life of their children and that news give me some some kind of uneasiness and deep thinking about what the future holds for most of us due to the many morally challenging scientific researches -- stem cells research and discoveries such as this one. It challenges some traditional basic institutions like the family. Furthermore it means the importance of the male specie in terms of reproduction if the study is successful becomes a non entity -- it is like killing the father specie.

Killing the Father Specie :: The Cultivation of Sperm Cells from Human's Bone Marrow -- How the Research Came About

The research started when a German research study successfully declared that they have produced cell which are immature which can be developed into sperm cells from bone marrow of men. According to BBC news (Friday 13, April 2007), "The researchers from the Universities of Göttingen and Münster and the Medical School of Hannover isolated adult stem cells - cells that have the ability to become many types of tissue in the body, from bone marrow samples taken from male volunteers. "This is the first time human spermatagonial cells have been made artificially in this way -- the news said.

This immature cells can be developed into a full blown sperm cells according to the lead researcher Prof. Karim Nayernia, at present connected with the North-east England Stem Cell Institute declared that "he hopes his investigations will mean he might one day be able to treat young men rendered infertile by chemotherapy".

He added : "We're very excited about this discovery and it will be actually be three years before they can finally see if they can actually make this immature cells to a full blown sperm cells".

This is the three steps done in the experimental research, according to BBC

1) The stem cells are isolated from bone marrow of the male volunteers 2) In laboratory setting, stem cells cultured and identified and some are some are induced to become spermatological cells - which normally become sperm cells 3) The transplantation of cells into testicle - so far successful and performed in mice

Killing the Father Specie :: The Cultivation of Sperm Cells from Human's Bone Marrow

image is courtesy of form the
image is courtesy of form the

Killing the Father Specie :: The Cultivation of Sperm Cells from Human's Bone Marrow

The Impact of the research specially if it will be successful

  1. In essence this has put the future of deciding whether you want to have your own baby without the actual sperm of a father donor, because you can actually use the bone marrow of the woman -- that's what I call killing the father specie
  2. Women who don't need to deal with a man when they want to become pregnant is easier as they can have a child on their own sperm cells (bone marrow) and their egg cells
  3. Likewise a man can have a child, and all he need is an egg cell which is donated and his own cells form his bone marrow if he is infertile
  4. This is a breakthrough in infertility treatment specially for men who want to become a dad and at the same time a mom
  5. Morally challenging idea of raising a child alone without the other figure -- a mother figure or a father figure
  6. A gay couple can have children on their own, both lesbians and gays, I mean physically have a child with their own bone marrows producing sperm cells.


In summary :

As of now May 2010, the result of the research is not yet in, whether they are successful in producing sperm cells from a bone marrow. Some points of contentions are :

  • Are we suppose to experiment (beyond moral questions) such as producing life the way we want it to be so that other couples and people have options to have children from their own sperm cells?
  • If this research is successful, what are the consequences of this to the society in general? to the life of the child?
  • Are we ready to generally erase the father specie in having babies? or perhaps the mother also?


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    • profile image

      billy 7 years ago

      is it safe? i wanna try this method... its so exciting

    • profile image

      fuck you government 7 years ago

      My partner and I are wanting to have a baby together we are a Lesbian Couple.

      We have looked into and have considered using her eggs and I carry the baby to be able to make the baby in a way both ours..

      But if we would be able to make sperm out of her stem cells and i have IVF the baby would be genetically both of ours that would be a dream come true.

      We are going to have a baby wether the law wants us to or not so why not let us make it genetically ours!!!!!

    • alexandriaruthk profile image

      alexandriaruthk 7 years ago from US

      hehe, perhaps we are totally detroying what is truly worthy -- the family institiution ---

    • profile image

      ericvonjed 7 years ago

      Sounds like some really smart people are scamming a lot of venture capital from "dumb money" investors. Biotech is the next Dot Com bubble, and this scam looks like a looser. Really, what use is a technolgy that lets women screw themselves? Especialy when they can give an 18 yr old two beers and bend over in front of him and get better results.