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Lady Gaga Birthday Cakes and Cupcake Ideas

Updated on May 15, 2011
Photo Credit: MAMolina72's photostream on Flickr
Photo Credit: MAMolina72's photostream on Flickr

Want a piece of Lady Gaga? Well you can have one by creating a Lady Gaga Cake or Cupcakes. If you are planning a Lady Gaga Birthday Party you will like some of these Lady Gaga Cakes and Cupcake Ideas others have created to inspire you to create your own for your Lady Gaga Party.

Creating a Lady Gaga Cake or Cupcakes may not be as hard as it looks, you just need a little creativity and the Cakes and Cupcakes that I am going to share with you here will help you get started. Lucky for us Lady Gaga is one Eccentric Musical Icon that sports so many crazy styles in her looks that it is almost impossible to go wrong with any design.

So come along as I show you some Gaga Creations and Ideas to get your juices flowing....

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How to Make a Lady Gaga Birthday Cake

Now here is a Lady Gaga Birthday Cake that is pretty simple to recreate. All you do is bake your favorite Cake in a Rectangle Shaped Baking Pan and Decorate.

Here is How:

  • Take a Sharp Knife and Cut a rounded Edge at the top of the Cake to shape her Head.
  • Now Create a Skintone Frosting Color one of two ways - Use a Tub of Vanilla or White Frosting and add in 2 Drops Yellow & 1 Drop Red - you should get a nice Skintone Color - be sure to leave some of the frosting aside in case you need to adjust the Hue. Or you can use Wilton's Copper Lt. Skintone Icing Color to get the right shade.
  • Being you cut the cake I would give it a light Crumb Coating, which means a thin layer of frosting, then stick in the fridge to set before finishing your frosting. This way you do not get crumbs all over the cake.
  • Once Set Frost the entire Cake
  • Next you will want to create Lady Gaga's Hair. You can do this many ways. Choose your Color (Vanilla or White works best for those Blonde Locks). Now you can simply use a Ziploc Bag to pipe it on with the tip cut or you can use a Decorating Bag with a Thin Tip attachment or One of the Ready to Decorate Icing Dispensers that come with tip that you can find in your local grocery store. PIpe it on like it is shown in the photo or just have fun with it.
  • Next take a Pair of Sunglasses - any will do - she is known for Crazy Looks so you can do just about anything. You will have to break or cut off the sides so they sit well on the cake.
  • Now take some Black or Purple Decorating Icing and Pipe on the Lines for her Nose, Chin and Neckline.
  • Next Create her Lips using some Red Icing or you can even use a Pair of Waxed Lips if you want.
  • Add on some lip liner and you have a Cake that everyone will go GaGa over.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

How to Make Lady Gaga Cupcakes

Now these Lady Gaga Cupcakes were made by different people, but both used the same basic design idea. All they did was Bake their favorite Cupcake Flavor and Frost with a Skintone Color and then they added some Cut out Fondant Shapes to decorate them.

If you are not use to working with Fondant - not to worry it is quite easy and you can buy it already pre-made. It is like playing with clay, but you can eat it.

In both of these Lady Gaga Cupcakes they used a Yellow Fondant for Lady Gaga's Hair, Big Bow and Black to create some Sunglasses and Lightening Bolts.

It is cheaper to just buy the Pre-Made White Fondant and use Wilton's Icing Colors to get the colors needed - Yellow, Black and Skintone (Wilton's Copper Color gives you that). The Icing colors go a long way so you can have them to use over and over.

As you can see the photo on top has the Cupcakes actually Cover with a Skintone Fondant, Lady Gaga's Hair with that Big Hair Bow and just Sunglasses to finish it off - Simple and they Work.

The Bottom Photo Has the Fondant Hair and Sunglasses and also they used some piping to create Lady Gaga's Face on some.

Both came out great, but you get the idea.

Simple, Easy and Fun - Just like Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Cake and Cupcake Toppers

If you are not feeling super creative you can always choose to purchase one of the Lady Gaga Cake Toppers which are edible images of Lady Gaga that get placed right on top of you baked and frosted cake. A lot of times these can also be personalized with your own message - so that is a nice bonus.

You will also find Edible Lady Gaga Cupcake Images as well - so if you are a cupcake fan - no need to worry the same thing is available for those too.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

How to Make Lady Gaga Cookies

I have to say these are the most fun to create and you can really go crazy making some of Lady Gaga's Outfits Edible with these. Thanks to for creating these Lady Gaga's Cookies and showing us all how we can create some too.

So how can you create these Lady Gaga Cookies?

  • Get out you Gingerbread Cookie Cutters and Bake some Sugar Cookies
  • Have lots of Colored Icing on Hand
  • Decorate your Cookies in all the Fun Gaga Outfits you can think of

That is it !!! And as FeastofFun says enjoy your Coo-coo-coo-cookie Face !!! Oh and Guess what? Lady Gaga saw their post for this cookies and liked them too - she even posted the link to her Twitter and almost crashed their site - so ya never know - your Lady Gaga Cookies my get noticed too !!!

Lady Gaga Cake and Cupcake Photos for more Inspiration

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Ladygloom's photostream on Vail's photostream
The Ladygloom's photostream on Flickr
The Ladygloom's photostream on Flickr
Charla Vail's photostream Flickr
Charla Vail's photostream Flickr

Other Ideas for your Lady Gaga Cakes

Another fun idea for a Lady gaga Cake is using the Designer Cake Wraps which allow you to wrap your Tiered Cakes with Edible Designer Prints that would be perfect. There are so many fun Crazy Designs that would make your Cake really stand out. I featured just a few to your right, but there are so many you can mix and match and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Just Bake, Frist and Wrap your Cake it is that Easy.

Then you can always add on some Printed pictures of Lady Gaga, Lightening Bolts, Jewels and more to Finnish off the look.

Lady Gaga Barbie Doll Creations

Click thumbnail to view full-size

How to Make a Doll Cake

Create a Lady Gaga Barbie Doll Cake

Well currently there are no Lady Gaga Dolls on the market - YET, but you can still easily create a Lady Gaga Barbie Doll Cake just like you would a Barbie Doll Cake. I have some pictures to your right of some of the creative ways people have taken Lady Gaga's Looks and then taken a Barbie Doll and recreated them. You can do that too.

You would only need to re-create her top half and then have fun designing the Dress from Frosting and Edible Items.

I have added a How to Make a Doll Cake Instructional Video to your Right or you can also Purchase the Wilton Wonder Mold Kit which has everything you need for baking the Dress shape.


Let me know - Did I make you go Gaga or what?

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