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Let Us Remember

Updated on June 5, 2011

Let us not forget!

Do you ever think about the liberty you have? Or any danger you may have escaped due to others? And, if so, do you ever think of those who have protected those liberties or who may have prevented the danger to you? I certainly have learned to, especially as I've grown older and have seen or heard more of what has happened and continues to happen in the world.

And, while this is being written on Memorial Day, it is important to remember all of our heroes every day. Among these are:

  1. Our soldiers and all those who have been in the military from the beginning of our history to the present: This group is the most important. So many have willingly fought for and given life and limb so that we can live free and in security. So, whenever you meet a military person, be sure to thank them for what they are doing, and be sure to remember those that have passed on, either while they were in the military when they passed on, or afterword. I, to my regret, never served, but I do know that those who have and those who do now, even if they never have seen anything close to combat, did stand up and promise to give their lives if need be, in the defense of our freedom, and this should never be forgotten. Even the military office clerk stationed here at home could always be reassigned to a combat zone if needed. One never knows. My Father served in the Korean War and was nearly shot by a sniper and, while hostilities had just ended, they'd been fresh and the threat of them starting up again at that point was very real. My Uncle served in WWII in Italy, as part of a crew that kept an airfield intact for the army air force. My Grandfather and his brothers had joined the army after immigrating to the USA and served in WWI. My Grandfather was shot and was blinded for 9 days by a gas attack, but he survived and lived to tell me his story when I was a kid. If you have freedom and liberty, thank a soldier.
  2. Those civilians whose jobs demand that they put their lives at risk: This group includes police officers, firefighters, paramedics, lifeguards, security people, and health providers. Like military personnel, those involved in these professions must also face danger. After all, police and security people never know if the person they say "Hey, you there, stop!" will simply comply peacefully, or turn out to be armed and violent, and that';s only one example. When they go to work, there's always a possibility that they won't come home. Firefighters usually don't have to worry about people shooting at them as much, but at the same time, no fire ever went out simply because a firefighter armed with a hose told it to. When there's a fire situation, the firefighter always has to confront it and, in doing so, never knows when there's going to be an explosion, a blowback, a roof caving in or floor giving way, or even if there will be an accident on the way to the fire because someone couldn't hear the siren and failed to pull over. Same for paramedics, who might have to treat someone right in the danger area. Lifeguards also must enter the water, not knowing if the person they're saving will fight them, or if it's in the ocean, if sharks are involved or other dangers are involved. As for health providers, they must come into contact with diseases and other related dangers, especially when seeing or dealing with new patients, or in the event of an outbreak or epidemic. This not only includes the doctors, but paramedics, nurses, orderlies, and any other assistants involved.
  3. Other True Heroes: These include people who put themselves in danger to help others. One example is the man who dove onto the subway tracks to protect the child that had fallen onto them. The subway train actually rolled right over them and both survived with little injury. But the man never hesitated, knowing it could have turned out differently. Another example was the professor at Virginia Tech, who tried to protect some of his students from a shooter going on a rampage. The professor put himself between the shooter and his students. He himself died, but he did save several lives that day. These are people, everyday people who, when confronted with the choice of helping someone at great peril to themselves, showed that courage still exists when they chose to put themselves in great danger to save others.

Let us always remember and honor those heroes, both past and present, each and every day. And if you meet or know one, thank him or her.

Since it cannot really fit into a simple poll question, I'd like to know if you've experienced or have seen an act of heroism and what it involved. Please feel free to comment on this or anything related. Thanks for reading!

What is Heroism?

Is the only definition of true heroism, "Putting oneself in harms way to benefit someone else."?

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