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Letter From The Easter Bunny - Easter Bunny Letter Ideas - Easter Gift Basket Ideas

Updated on April 7, 2011

Ways to Create a Letter From the Easter Bunny

Are you searching for ways to write a letter that is from the Easter Bunny for your childs Easter gift basket?  Well look no further!  In this following article we will cover ideas for a letter from the Easter Bunny.

Here are a few examples of what to write in a letter from the Easter Bunny;

  • Hello, ______!  It won't be long until I am hopping over to your house to deliver your Easter gift basket this year!  I hope you enjoy your Easter basket gifts that I have specially picked out just for you!
  • I have been working hard in the workshop these past couple of weeks leading up to Easter Sunday and I am very pleased to write you to let you know how proud I am of you being so good for your mother (and/or) father! 
  • This year I will look for many more hiding spots for your treats and gifts, so be sure to keep a good eye out on Easter Sunday!
  • I am writing this letter to let you know that I almost have your Easter gift basket ready for you!  It is loaded with a lot of treats and small gifts that I am sure you will love! 

A Thank You Letter From the Easter Bunny

Now, here is a great idea!  As well as leaving cookies and milk out for Santa Clause, you can also leave out fresh carrots for the Easter Bunny!  Your child will be so anxious to know that the Easter Bunny will enjoy such a great treat - this would really make their Easter so magical!  On the morning of Easter, be sure to leave a "Thank You" letter in your child's Easter gift basket that thanks the child for leaving such  a wonderful treat for him.

Ideas for an Easter Bunny "thank you" letter are as followed;

  • Happy Easter ______!  I am so thankful that you left such a wonderful treat for me!  I have been so busy getting your Easter gift basket together in these past few weeks, it was so nice to have a few refreshing carrots!
  • Dear  _______, *munch, munch, munch*, oops I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't write and eat carrots at the same time, it's very hard to do so considering my paws can't handle too many tasks at once!  I am very thankful for such a wonderful treat that you left me.  I hope that you enjoy all of the special treats that I have left for you!  I found a lot more hiding places this year, so be sure to keep a good eye out for all all of your hidden treasures!

As you can see, ideas for a letter from the Easter Bunny are such good fun, specially because you know that it is going to bring such a joy to your child this up coming Easter Sunday!  Might I add that if you also attach a few coloring pages to this letter and sign the "Easter Bunny" to each coloring page, your child will be so thrilled and entertained they may not even care about their Easter Gift Baskets (well, maybe that is a very small chance!).

Well, I wish you and your family a very happy Easter this year.  I hope you have enjoyed my ideas for a letter from the Easter Bunny!


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      nicholas 6 years ago

      i personly think its cute