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Little-Known Santa No. 14

Updated on December 11, 2010
Little-Known Santa No. 14
Little-Known Santa No. 14 | Source

Allow Little-Known Santa No. 14 to make you an offer you can’t refuse: Have a happy holiday, or else!

Every year, children young and old — as well as their parents, ministers, union bosses, politicos, local businessmen, and various ‘soldiers’ of rival factions — dutifully line up for their annual visit to The Yulefather. No one wants to risk winding up on his ‘naughty’ list!

So, step lively, make sure that you kiss his ring and are as polite and as obseqious as possible. And remember: should you ask a favor of The Yulefather — just one — you may be called upon in the future to do him some service in return, and you must do that service, no matter what it is, no questions asked.



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