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Make Money by Selling Unwanted Christmas Decorations

Updated on July 2, 2011

Do you have an attic, closet or storage space that’s overflowing with Christmas decorations that you no longer want or use? I’m not talking about the sentimental items that have been in your family for decades, but the things that are just taking space.

You know what I mean – every year, you take these items out when it’s time to decorate but end up packing them away because you don’t have enough room for them, they no longer work with your home décor, or you really just don’t like them anymore.

Instead of putting holiday decorations that you never use back into boxes and packing them away, consider the fact that someone else might want them – and just might be willing to pay you money for them. There’s no sense in keeping Christmas decoration items that you aren’t likely to ever use again packed away in the dark year after year when someone else can put them to good use and you may be able to earn a few dollars (or quite a few!) from selling them.

Where to Sell Christmas Decorations: 4 Ideas

1. Consignment Store

If there is a store in your community that specializes in selling secondhand household and decorating items on consignment, consider it as a resource for selling your unwanted Christmas decorations.

This is a great option for busy people, as the store will handle all of the work associated with displaying, promoting and selling your items. All you’ll need to do is drop off the merchandise, sign a consignment agreement, and cash your checks when sales are made.

2. Garage Sale

Consider holding a garage sale if you have a large number of Christmas ornaments and other household items that you’d like to sell. You can host a sale on your own or partner with a friend who is also interested in converting unwanted items into cash.

Tip: Pick a day during peak holiday decorating season and you’ll likely find that the decorations you offer for sale are purchased very quickly.

3. Online Classified Sites

If you have time to field calls from potential purchasers, consider listing the items you’d like to sell on or another online classified advertising website. While you may not find this to be the most effective way to sell small like individual ornaments and strings of lights, it can be a great way to find purchasers for yard décor, collectors’ item sets and other significant items.

4. Online Auction Websites

Online auction sites like eBay can be a great option for selling used Christmas decorations. Keep in mind the impact of shipping costs and holiday shipping deadlines when offering decorations for sale in this manner.

Other Ideas?

Do you have other ideas for how readers can make money by selling unwanted Christmas decorations? Please leave your suggestions and tips in the comments section below!


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  • skye2day profile image

    skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Thank You for sharing What a grand idea. I like the idea of picking a day in peak season and posting for sale. There are many free posting sights. I can not mention on comment because of rules and regs. I bet you know who it is. Thank You for a great reminder. I have been Blessed. Hugs Galore.

    awewome and up