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Make Your Own Black Widow Costume - DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Homemade How To

Updated on April 16, 2017

The Black Widow


Natalia Alianovna "Natasha" Romanova is also known as The Black Widow. She started her comic life in 1964. She was a Russian spy who later defected to the U.S. and became an agent of the spy agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D. She also became a member of The Avengers.

Natalia Alianovna "Natasha" Romanova


The Black Widow

Natasha Romanova, sensual Russian redhead more popularly known as Black Widow, entered the Marvel Comics franchise far earlier than most people know. Back in spring 1964, Natasha crept her way into our hearts in Tales of Suspense #52. Originally a soviet spy and antagonist to Iron Man, she later defected to the United States and became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (Marvel’s fictional agency), and a member of The Avengers.

Marvel Comics Introduced Us To The Black Widow

This great picture of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow is actually wallpaper!
This great picture of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow is actually wallpaper! | Source

The Black Widow is most popularly portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in a record-smashing 4 films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s reprising the role for a fifth time in highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War, set to come out in North America April 6th.
As one might expect of a highly trained spy, Black Widow has many applicable skills…

  1. She is a topnotch gymnast, acrobat and aerialist. Her superhuman agility sets her apart as heroines go.
  2. Romanova has mastered a plethora of martial arts (including but not limited to multiple styles of kung-fu, judo and karate).
  3. She’s an expert marksman and weapons maven.
  4. Most are unaware that Romanova is also an accomplished ballerina.
  5. After having been biotechnically enhanced, Black Widow is resistant to aging and disease. She also heals far faster and more effectively than humans.
  6. With the great gift of intellect, Romanova finds herself to be a world-class strategist and tactician.
  7. The Black Widow is an expert of psychological manipulation.

Black Widow's Weapon Holster


The Black Widow's Weapons

One might guess that Black Widow would get all the fun toys, and truly, she doesn’t disappoint. Her array would make even Deadpool swoon…

  1. Widow’s Bite, a device capable of fatal electro-energy blasts of up to 30,000 volts.
  2. A slew of grappling hooks, tear gas pellets and Widow’s Kiss—a knock-out gas she herself modified and developed.
  3. Her belt contains metal discs, each of which has a different purpose—from explosives to containers for other bits of gear.
  4. She’s been seen using daggers and various firearms.
  5. On one occasion she used multi-lens goggles which enhanced vision.

Black Widow Costume In The 1960s

How much change could Black Widow’s costume actually undergo? Surprisingly, quite a bit.

During her first introduction in the 60s, she was actually not costumed, but rather attempted to blend in with the people around her. When she was finally granted a costume, it was a highly sexual and somewhat perplexing outfit of black netting…there was a cape involved, and a masquerade-style mask…we don’t get it.

Black Widow Costume Changes In The 1970s

Much to the relief of literally everyone, in a 1970 issue of Amazing Spider-Man, she underwent a costume overhaul, landing in a skin-tight black bodysuit that leaves little to the imagination.

Black Widow Costume Circa 1970s


Black Widow Costume Changes In The 1980s

Then came a huge and earth-shaking change—Black Widow began to wear grey in the 80s. A black spider emblem was placed on the left side of her chest, and a larger one on her back. During this time, her gadgets were stripped away and Black Widow was restricted to opening cans of whoop-ass the old fashioned way—with her hands and feet.

Cosplay Black Widow Costume


Black Widow Costume Tutorial

Get the list of supplies you need from the video below: They will include a black jumpsuit, fingerless black gloves, black boots, two glock guns, two gun holsters, and ...

Diy Costume: Avengers Black Widow

How To Make A DIY Black Widow Halloween Costume

To make a Black Widow Halloween costume you will need:

  • A Black Jumpsuit - or tight black pants and a fitted top and if you like, a jacket
  • Black Boots - black heels will also work well
  • Black Widow Insignia Patches
  • Tactical or Utility Belt
  • Fingerless Black Gloves
  • Black Bullet Wrist Cuff Bracelets - Duct Tape & Plastic Bullets
  • Two Thigh Holsters And Toy Guns
  • Red Hair Dye Spray

This is an easy look to assemble and dress up in. You can easily make some bullet wrist cuff bracelets using toy bullets, glue and black wrist bands. Fingerless gloves are another easy to make accessory for this costume. Just find a pair of black fingerless gloves, or cut the fingers off an old pair you have laying around. You will find a simple tutorial below to make a couple of the insignia for your costume. The tight jumpsuit - with or without a jacket - and some heeled shoes or boots. Combat boots will also work perfectly. You can wear tight black pants, a camisole or tank top, and top it with a leather jacket.

There is no one look for Black Widow. Like many super comic heroes, she is constantly changing her look. She has changed many times before and probably will change many times again in the future. The basic look and feel of this character's costume remains the same. She is dark, she is deadly, and she is sexy. Finish off the look with some red spray hair coloring. You can go all red, or you can add some streaks. The finished look depends on how you feel and want to look. So go have a "Killer Time" dressed up in your Black Widow Halloween Costume!

Black Widow's Fingerless Gloves & Cuff Bracelets

Plastic Bullets and Duct Tape = Black Widow's Bullet Cuff Bracelets
Plastic Bullets and Duct Tape = Black Widow's Bullet Cuff Bracelets | Source

Black Widow Costume Makeup Tutorial

Black Widow Costume Changes In The 1990s

Something about the 90s really got people in the mood for jackets—Black Widow got the Wonder Woman treatment, and artists threw a jacket on over her grey spandex.

Understandably, the jacket just wasn’t working. Black Widow returned to arguably the coolest outfit she’s ever worn—she went back to the black bodysuit, but with four red stripes on either side of the torso, to simulate spider legs. It was at this point that artists decided on the weapon strap around her leg in lieu of a utility belt.

You Will Need A Black Jumpsuit

The cost for this black jumpsuit is about 13.00 - the perfect price for a Halloween costume!
The cost for this black jumpsuit is about 13.00 - the perfect price for a Halloween costume! | Source

Black Widow Costume Changes In The 2000s

After this, artists overhauled her once again, forsaking the one-piece for sections, which were pieced together seamlessly with a zipper on the front. Also a change, it was drawn to have a shine, now appearing as rubber or latex material. On her belt (yes, they brought back the belt) was a red hourglass shape—subtle representation of a black widow.Fast forward to Johansson’s flawless portrayal of the beloved assassin—we see the belt remained, as well as the leg-strap, belt and even the red belt buckle in some scenes. Absolutely arresting.

Black Widow's Emblem


How To Make S.H.I.E.L.D. Patches For A Black Widow Costume

Learn how to make your own S.H.E.I.L.D. patches at by diy costumes

Great Black Widow Costume Ideas

You'll Need A Black Jumpsuit To Make A Black Widow Costume


Hopefully this page was helpful to you - full of ideas to design and make your own Black Widow costume for Halloween. Natalia Alianovna "Natasha" Romanova aka The Black Widow is an exciting costume dress up choice and you will find the help you need right here. Now get to work and start making your homemade costume. But before you begin your costume making, why not take the Black Widow Quiz to test your knowledge of this exotic Marvel character.

The Black Widow Quiz - Have Some Fun!

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