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Making Valentine's day special

Updated on February 9, 2011

Everyone gets excited when holidays come around, its a reason and season to celebrate special moments and create special memories with your loved ones. A day that is memorable and equally special for a number of people of all ages is Valentine's day. It is a day that is filled with many events, much planning, anticipation and smiles. If you are wondering what to buy for him or what to buy for her on this special day, then you are just like the many others who are looking for interesting ideas.

Statistics show that 80% of the working couples are still undecided about what to do or buy for their significant other until the last minute. If you are in the 20% or wish to find a romantic idea for Valentine's day, you may want to read on and get ideas on how you can make the day special.

There are ideas for Valentine's day that will suit every budget, but do keep in mind that you will invariably have to spend some to earns some on this day. Sadly its turned into one of those very commercial occasions with custom made gifts, parties, dinners, clothes and what not's! If you want a change form all the madness and mayhem, then you might want to sit down to paint a handmade card, or glue bits of pictures and craft paper to make a special card saying how special he or she is or memories of the best times you both have had till date.

Another idea to have is to find out what is the one outfit that he would love to see you in, dress up and cook him a meal or order in ( if you are in danger of blowing up kitchens when you cook). If you are in the mood for love and to splurge plan a candle lit dinner with music by a poolside in some fancy restaurant or call in the music by hiring them if you want to make it extravagant. Flowers, chocolates, gifts are all must haves for women. Men would prefer wallets, good food, gadgets or even flowers ( in some cases).

There are innumerable ways to make this day special like a surprise getaway to a weekend resort, a special day at your favorite spa or booking a couple massage for the evening to de-stress at the end of a long office day. You can be the masseuse if you get some scented candles and aromatic oils( provided you do not make him or her scream in agony). So go ahead, think up a plan with all of these or some of these ideas to make your Valentine day celebrations, meaningful, special and memorable!

Changing times!


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