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Memorial Day Isn't Just a 3 Day Weekend

Updated on May 27, 2016

Your Tab Has Been Paid

As we anticipate the last few hours of work before our three day weekend. As we prepare to have people over for a cookout and show off our veggie garden or pack a bag and hit the beach for sun and surf. Let us not forget the reason we enjoy this. It's not because we earned it. It's because men and women in uniform that now are admired in the Stone Gardens stretching from Pearl Harbor to Arlington to Normandy paid for it. They paid the ultimate price for this three day weekend which we enjoy. They hit the beach of Normandy in a very different way than you and the kids will this weekend.

This is why America is great. its not because we are diverse or tolerant. It's because we believe in the freedom we have spent our entire existence defending. Not just for us, but for every man, woman and child on this planet. We will fight for those who can't fight for themselves. We fight evil for the sole purpose of it being the right thing to do. Is it easy? No, but doing the right thing is seldom easy but always necessary. It is necessary in a way that you must be willing to give everything you have for what you believe in.

We have always been a country that stands for something. We stand for freedom and democracy; we stand for defending those who cannot defend themselves. That does not make us aggressors or conquerors, what we have to understand is simple. Americans have shed blood for our rights and the rights of others more than any other country in the history of the world. Simply because when asked, we answer the call for help where ever it comes from. That bloodshed shall not be in vain, it will be honored, revered and remembered as long at the Flag of Freedom flies high!

So Monday morning when you have that paid holiday take a min to thank the men and women who line the Gardens of Stone for hitting the beach hard for your freedom, they paid your tab so that you may enjoy it.


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