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Mother's day Gifts for Moms that Love Cooking

Updated on April 28, 2011

Mother's Day is around the corner!


 Does your mom love to cook? Does she enjoy baking desserts? Does she seem to spend most of her time in the kitchen baking delicacies and experimenting with new dishes? Then this Mother's day you will not need to struggle or think twice on what to get her to make her extra happy.

Yet you will need to do some good investigative work and make sure you will not get her something she already has or does not really need. Casually, try to look around the cabinets, kitchen drawers and in the pantry. Look for all the types of utensils your mom uses in her kitchen. While you are at it, also check if there are some cooking utensils that are getting pretty worn out and old.

Look if you see a pattern... Are there a lot if baking utensils and cookie cutters? Then this shows that she gives a lot of importance in baking cookies, as you may already know. She may certainly then enjoy something to add in her cooking cutter collection.

Does she have a lots of baking pans and a nice inventory of decorative utensils? Then you cannot go wrong with a Wilton kit or a special Bundt cake shape that will make her bake as the best cake decorators in the world.

Try also taking a look at her attire. Is the apron she is wearing pretty worn out and with stains? Perhaps it is time to give her a fresh new one so she has an excuse to toss the old one out. Aprons now come in very pretty and colorful colors. Get one of her favorite colors and she will definitely be happy!

Is your mom working harder at times than she should? For instance is she still chopping foods,  looking at her watch for timing, testing meat doneness with a fork or baking bread in the oven? Perhaps it is time she gets a new appliance that will do the work for her, she surely would be delighted on saving time!

Does your mom's kitchen look a bit disorganized? Does it get easily cluttered? Then you may try to invest in getting her something that will help her keep it tidy and well organized.  An extra piece of furniture with drawers may do or some decorative hooks to hang up some pots may be welcomed. Many moms also enjoy spice racks so to keep their many spices in good view while adding a decorative touch to the kitchen.

If your mom loves ice cream and enjoys making things the old fashioned way, a nice ice cream machine especially with summer now right around the corner may make her surely smile. Nothing beats a fresh home made ice cream that will make guests ask for more!

Does your mom enjoy watching a particular cooking show and will not miss one episode? Then head to your library and look for a book. Most celebrity cooks have published their own books nowadays. Rachel Ray, Emeril, and Martha Steward books have grown very popular nowadays.

If your mom is particularly fond of a specific type of cuisine make her a personalized gift basket and  stuff it with her favorite spices and ingredients that are hard to find. You may have to buy some online or go to an ethnic specialty store. Also add some cooking utensils that are typical to that cuisine for instance, if she loves Asian food add a Wok or a tea set, if she loves Italian add a nice Espresso machine and so forth.

If your mom is a good cook she surely ultimately  also enjoys a good eat. Get her a gift certificate to one of her favorite restaurants and celebrate Mother's day by dining out. Make sure to make reservations, as it would be quite disappointing to get there and be greeted by a crowd and limited seating.

Perhaps eating out would be the best way to end Mother's day evening: she will be relaxed with no need to worry on cooking and she will get to enjoy her favorite meal with of course, her favorite family members.






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    • ocbill profile image


      9 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      good ideas for Mom and we get some yummy food too.


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