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New Years Checklist

Updated on November 23, 2015

Ideas for getting ready for the big night!


Make Up


These are 3 of the top things to do in the daytime before your New Years Eve night. Have your hair done first, then your nails and lastly your make up. Or if you're going to a beauty salon you can book in for 2 or 3 hours and have a whole makeover saving you lots of time on the day.

How will you have your hair done? Will you wear it up or down? And your nails? What style will you have or color for New Years Eve?

And you could have a facial and massage so that you are glowing for your night.

Having a manicure and pedicure first will add to your whole image and everyone will notice your beautiful hands and feet.

You could get your hair and nails done during the day and then your make up just before you go out. But how will you fit all this in during your day and who will do your make up for the evening?

If you time everything to fit in with your day you could have your beauty session booked in for 2pm or 3pm and then by 5pm you'll be ready. All you have to do is put on your clothes and apply the finishing touches.

Some may find this difficult if they are not going out until 7pm or 8pm and will want a re touch of their make up around 6pm.

For this reason you may want to book a beautician and make up artist to come round to your house and do your make up for you before you leave. However this can add to your night's costs and you may want to do your own make up later on. If you do you could get the make up artist to do your base make up and then apply colors later on to add to your look. But you need to know what you're doing and planning a few make up classes before New Years Eve may come in handy when applying your party make up on the night!

Mmm A Nice Spa Before The Night!

Write down your ideas

Straight curly
Try bringing your style for the evening together by making a list of different hair, nail and makeup ideas so you get the perfect look.

Prepare to make your nails dazzle!

Now what about your nails? Do you like to wear just one single color or do you want some designer nail art and jewelry on your nails?

There are a lot of great manicure and pedicures you can have now which also last for weeks! What about a Shellac manicure and pedicure? Or how about getting your nails done with OPI gel varnish? Or what about some sparkling glitter designs to add to the festive season entertainment?

Getting your nails done will be one of the easiest things you do for your New Years Eve night out as once they're done it is unlikely that you'll need to re touch them unlike your hair and nails!

What are the best color combinations for New Years Eve?

Gold and Silver with glitter colors always dazzle at a New Years Eve Party. Or how about a ruby red or burgundy wine color to add elegance to any outfit? Or if you opt for some designer nails how about a mixture of plain red with gold or silver glitter flower designs on your nails? You could even wear a dark blue or green metallic nail varnish with some red and gold glitter designs. Anything goes on New Years Eve and you only have to do an internet check on Google to find thousands of different color combinations and nail art designs you could use.

Now How Shall I Do My Make Up?

Make your hair look glamorous!

What about your hair?

Will you wear it up or down? Will you use hair extensions with hair accessories or just leave it loose? You can organize this before you go to the hairdressers and look in hair magazines and online for current hair styles and New Years Eve celebrity hair dos. Your hair is all important and sets off your whole look for the night. However, you need to wear your hair style with confidence so it must be something that you like and feel comfortable with. Also you have to think of the practicalities of your hair style if you're dancing or staying up all night what hair style will suit you best?

New Years Eve Make Up Tutorial


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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 3 years ago from SW England

      These days we tend to see in the new year with a few friends at home. It's still good to make an effort though and I like to do my hair and nails. I have short hair so that's easy enough; maybe a bit of gel to spike it up a bit!

      Glittery nails are festive but, as you say, a deep red adds a bit of class.

      Good advice for those who are partying the night away!