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New Year's Makeup Ideas

Updated on December 29, 2014

Here are a few different inspiring ideas and step-by-step tutorials that you can follow to create the perfect New Year's Eve celebration look!

Golden smokey eye
Golden smokey eye | Source

A Simple Gold Eye

On New Year's parties you don't have to be afraid to bring out the shiny and sparkly colors. Grab some gold, silver, brown and black and try to recreate this simple look.

Opting for more muted colors such as this is great when you aren't sure what to wear. Colors such as these tend to go well with any dress or outfit. The only thing to remember is to not match your dress to your makeup, which can make the ensemble look tacky. But that's just a makeup rule...and those are unwritten, so feel free to break it if it looks good anyway!

Tutorial on the Gold Eye look

Glittery cat-eyeliner
Glittery cat-eyeliner | Source

New Year's Eve Glitter Cat Eye

Again, glitter on New Year's is a very popular option. If you like eyeliner and would rather keep the glitter minimalistic then opt for a glittery cat eye liner look. A step-by-step tutorial on this New Year's look can be found here

To keep the glitter from falling everywhere, apply a heavy layer of loose powder underneath your eyes and complete your look, at the end dust it off with a large fan brush. This will ensure no glitter sticks to the rest of your face and makes the look appear messy.

Tutorial on the Glitter Cat Eye look

A simple brown smokey eye
A simple brown smokey eye | Source

A Simple Brown Smokey Eye

If you don't want to get too crazy for New Year's, then a simple brown smokey eye look will suit the occasion. A brown smokey eye will match with any eye color, will go with any outfit, and is super easy to do.

Use different shades of brown to create a multi-dimensional effect, using only one color can make the eyes look dull and tired in photos. Mix your eyeshadow finishes as well. Do not create the look with all matte eyeshadow colors or all shimmery ones. More finishes also helps to add dimension to the eyes

Renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's tutorial is quick and super easy to follow, see her video below on how to create this New Year's makeup look.

Tutorial on the Brown Smokey Eye look

Smokey Silver Glitter Eye
Smokey Silver Glitter Eye | Source

Smokey Glitter Eye

If you want to combine a smokey eye with some colorful glitter and have the best of both worlds, that's fine too! Start by doing the smokey eye first, then apply the glitter over a glitter base to help it stick to your eyelid in the places you want and prevent it from falling over your face and getting on your eyelashes. The key to preventing glitter fallout is to apply it slowly and in small sections. Pat and never rub it across the eyelid, this is what can make it fall from your eyelid and make a mess.

Tutorial on the Smokey Glitter Eye look

Shimmery Purple Eye
Shimmery Purple Eye | Source

Shimmery Purple Eye

You can try this look if you like to be adventurous with color. It's perfectly acceptable on New Year's. Keep in mind that if you would like to do a color, you don't need to limit yourself to just purple. You can substitute any color in this look, or even try a combination of colors that flatters your eye color best.

Finish the look off by applying a coat of volumizing and lengthening mascara and draw in a cat eyeliner with a liquid eyeliner.

Remember, the best way to make a color like this appear as vibrant as it does in the eyeshadow pan, is to use a silicone based eye primer before you apply any eyeshadow. You can even wet the eyeshadow, which will make it appear darker.

Tutorial on the Shimmery Purple Eye look

A deep plum smokey eye
A deep plum smokey eye | Source

Cranberry/Plum Smokey Eye

You can achieve this smokey eye by using either a deeper plum color if you have a darker skin tone, or a more cranberry red type color if you have a lighter skin tone like Tanya Burr does in her makeup tutorial video below.

To take this look to the New Year's level you can either apply some glitter to the inner corner of your eyes or to the middle of your eyelid. Make it as intense or as subtle as you need, but keeps the lips simple in either case since the eyes will have a lot going on.

Tutorial on the Cranberry/Plum Eye look

Happy New Years!

Enjoy the celebration and don't forget to take a few products with you in case you need to touch up during the night!


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      AshimaTan 3 years ago

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