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Ode to Winter. What I Love About the Season! (with photos)

Updated on May 2, 2020
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I was born a Northerner and have rediscovered the joys of Northern life.

Capturing the Wonder of Winter

Hey, I realize we are heading into spring...but I am feeling nostalgic for this winter that has just gone. It was long, cold at times and snowy...but oh so beautiful in Northern Ontario.

In short, I have come full circle and have fallen in love with winter again! I will miss it.

Why on earth do you say, would anyone love winter? The reason is quite is a beautiful season if you live far enough North to get accumulations of snow at regular intervals.

Being a very visual person, I have been treated to fairyland quality scenery this winter and I am blissed out with the pictures capturing it's essence. Last year was my first year up North and there wasn't enough snow. This year I was not came in big beautiful drifts. The countryside was transformed.

Okay so I love looking at snow on branches...It is so gorgeous eh? :)
Okay so I love looking at snow on branches...It is so gorgeous eh? :) | Source
A soft comfy throw is great during cold winter days and evenings...thanks Kaarina!
A soft comfy throw is great during cold winter days and evenings...thanks Kaarina! | Source

Winter Wonderland

Winter can be one of the most beautiful seasons...Believe me!
Winter can be one of the most beautiful seasons...Believe me! | Source

The Guilty Pleasures of Winter

I have to say I have enjoyed walking with the snow crunching underfoot reminding me of my younger days. ( I moved to Southern Ontario in my twenties to find work and stayed for three decades).

Toronto, Ontario, while an interesting city has usually drab winters dominated by flying slush from passing cars and dirty snow within a few days of snowfall making the winter season more of a chore to get through...problems with traffic...finding a place for the snow when shoveling...generally more of a mess than a pleasure.

Returning to Northern Ontario, I thought I would just hate the colder winters and more snow. Absolutely the opposite. I never thought this would happen...but it did.

Winter is just gorgeous when you stop to appreciate how lovely it is...and if you have a wonderful cuddly throw gifted from a best friend to chase away the chillibains as you sip a steaming cup of coffee, tea or even hot chocolate while reading a good book comfortably seated inside watching the snow drift lazily to the ground outside; well, it does not get any better than that.

Snow shoveling you say? Yes, there is that...but what better way to get the regulation exercise in. That doesn't happen in summer unless you are doing heavy duty garden work. Plus, the last summer was so hot, I did not get many projects done while I melted from the heat (note to Mother Nature..."Please moderate next summer").

Winter has given me other benefits: an excuse to get drawing software and play. I also baked....something that reminds me of my childhood and home baking. My bread is pretty good at this point! Wish I could share a slice or two! Oh yes, I also finally sorted through a lifetime of papers and watched some great movies!

I also was out with my camera every time there was one of those gorgeous snowfalls; snapping picture like some delighted tourist. I have to say people probably thought I was daft taking close-ups of branches full of snow. each his own, eh!

Well...I am looking forward to flowers and leaves...

I have fallen in love with winter all over again. As a child I certainly looked forward to playing in the snow and didn't mind winter one bit. I no longer have that urge to go make snow angels in the drifts, lol, but I sure enjoy the scenic aspect of winter.

So, yes, I have decided I love winter! I never thought I would utter those words...but there you have "Ode to Winter" new favorite season!

However... even though there is snow on the ground, spring has arrived and soon I will be looking forward to the green buds of spring. I think I will add some spring pictures here to get me in the mood for a change of season. Soon I will be looking forward to poking around in the garden... Come to think of it... I don't think I really have a favorite season...I love them all!

A Collection of Lovely Winter Scenes

Looking Forward to Spring Though...

I have to say I am  looking forward to seeing this soon!
I have to say I am looking forward to seeing this soon! | Source

Can You Pick a Favorite Season?

What Season do you Love?

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