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Otter T Shirts and Other Gifts for Otter Lovers

Updated on March 31, 2015

There are many people out there that love otters and finding a present for them can be rather difficult. I should know, my mother loves otters and I had quite the time finding something. So to make it easier for everyone else who is gift shopping for an otter fan I've made a list of a few suggestions.

Otter Fountain

While searching the web I found this cute Otter themed fountain at Lamps Plus. Very cute and unique gift for otter lover though the price is rather steep at $1029.91 but they are made to order which is a likely explanation for the price. If you don't mind spending the money this is definitely one of the more unique otter themed items available.

Adopt an Otter

Adopting an otter from the World Wildlife Fund would make a great gift for any otter lover. There are various gift options starting at $25. What is included in the package depends on how much you have to spend but the $25 gift is great for someone who loves otters but has too much stuff and best of all it helps protect otters.

Otter Toys

Cute otter toys like this river otter found on aren't just for kids but great for adult otter lovers too- they make a great piece to display in a home office on a desk shelf.

Otter Posters

There are lots of cute otter posters available online both realistic and cartoon ( like the one featured here), some of which could even be framed and work nicely as artwork or decoration for a room.

The featured poster can be found on Amazon.

Otter Books

Books are a great gift. Otter books have been written for both children and adults and can offer information that even the otter lover in your life didn't know. A great number of books can be found with information on otters both online and at bookstores.

Otter T-Shirts

Lots of cute otter t-shirts online too. The featured one is from and they have lots of other cute otter designs too. Just google otter t-shirts and you'll find plenty of other options as well.


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