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Party People? Are We Really?Hosting a Great Party!

Updated on April 21, 2010

Okay my party people, its holiday time sneaking up on us.What is the greatess party you think that you will attend?, and how will you celebrate.Family, friends, ballers,in pallor's ,yard parties. How ever I hope you give it your all and stay safe.

Now if you are still meeting at the party vi club - bar, You are just part of the partying!!!!!

Now if you are looking for a party ,You haven't figured it out.

Now if you are planning the party, You are really partying!!!

Lets say you plan a holiday party ; you get to have all your friends ,family,and those that your friends bring within your limit of invite. Hosting a party is so great and it shows your character.Hosting gives you the ability to serve excellent food.Be creative with your tables, (pictures,candles,greenery, leaves of fall,labels or just a buffet.)

Wine bottles make a great table with candles and grapes even if you drink or not.Have a bar that invite for conversation more than drink.

Make yourself available to your guest all through the party.Never be vacant. If you show you guest you are enjoying their presence there and that you are having a great time. Your guest will relax and enjoy the party.

Make sure that your Entrance say Welcome that is very important.At the time you guest enter the atmosphere should greet them.If it is cold are raining someone should receive coats and rain wear.

Make sure that you have drinks and appetizers floating through the party. Don't forget about your guest that maybe walked out for privacy or a smoke. You still have to make them a part of what is going on inside the party.

Door prizes or great. Comedians or a great choice.

Dance floor area.Give it the club effect ( don't you remember when you danced all night) so make sure your party is think about everyone even if you don't dance.

I think you should have seating in the dance floor area

Great music 70's /80's the stuff that make you move. We are never to old to move.( little easy stuff mixed in for the lover in us.)

All foods should be finger food but satisfying.

Host to a great party! is the party that will be talked about for years after.

So here is a Host to you! Happy Holidays!

(c)2009:Sharon Smith


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