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Perfect Gifts for Paper Craft Fans

Updated on October 18, 2015

Buying gifts for people can be difficult. Whether its a christmas gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift or a gift for any other occassion, you want to buy something you know they will love or find useful. Often it is easiest to buy them something related to a hobby or a fandom, whether that be a sport, craft, a particular band or type of music, a fashion trend or just something they love doing. With that in mind I am putting together gift lists relating to specific hobbies to help people find the perfect gift for their loved ones. This is my gift list for people who love papercraft, but you can find a selection of my other gift lists at the bottom of this Hub.

Unless your into some form of paper crafts yourself you will have no idea exactly how much stuff is on the market and what tools you need to do specific types of craft. So I thought as a paper crafter myself I would compile a list of great gifts for people who are into scrapbooking, card making, ATC making, smashbooking or other types of paper craft and journaling, just to make it a little easier.

I have split the gift list into 5 separate sections depending on the type of crafting tool and tried to explain when they would be used and the different types/brands on the market. Most scrapbooking supplies or card making supplies are the same items or can overlap between a number of different papercraft projects, so if your unsure about what type of papercraft they are into, but know they do some form of papercraft most items will work regardless. I really hope this helps you find the perfect gift for the papercraft fanatic in your life!

Cutting machines and tools

Cricut machines - Think big printers except they cut the picture out. These come in many different forms and sizes with all sorts of shapes available to cut out. These are a must for any hard core paper crafter, making delicate and intricate cut outs from a selection of materials. The large ones also work on fabric so can be used by quilters too.

Sizzix - Like the Cricut except its a manual punch or press. Think a machine for cookie cutters. Again these come in different sizes and with a huge selection of shapes to stamp out.

Scissors - The straight edge or pinking shears scissors aren't the only type out there any more. Thanks to the world of paper craft scissors can now be bought with 100's of different shaped blades to create all sorts of patterned edges. Scallopes, waves, zigzags, lace, the posabilities are endless.

Punches - Just like old fashioned hole punches but instead of just cutting circles these can cut all manner of shapes, from simple hearts or stars to large intricate buildings, cityscapes, vehicles, lace patterns, flowers, household object, you name it theres probably a punch for it! Plus they come in sizes of around 1 inch to 6 inches depending on the size of the shape stamped. These are great for creating multiple cut outs as toppers or for creating edges and borders on papper or cards. Many will cut a multitude of materials at a variety of thinknesses also.

Glue's and Adhesives

Glue sticks - Just generic old glue sticks will do. But don't buy cheap ones as they really don't last. But a good old Pritt stick is amazingly helpful and vital to paper craft.

Glue Guns - These are really only suitable for adults as they get incredibly hot and can be very dangerous. But a glue gun can be really helpful for heavy duty cards or chipboards.

Mod Podge - Large bottles of strong liquid glue and glaze, incredibly versatile as it can be used on pretty much any surface. Super strong and dries clear. Another great key item for all crafters

Sticky foam pads - These are thin sheets of foam with glue on both sides. Usually used in decoupage and to create a 3D element in card making. They just bump the paper up a little from its backing. They come in a few different sizes and shapes depending on the surface area they are to be used on.

Glue Dots - Like double sided sticky tape but in dots and no peeling paper. A much simpler adhesive than glue and less messy, so great for kids to use.

Inks, stamps and embossing tools

Embossing Gun - This is a tool for adults only as it heats to incredibly hot temperatures. Use it to melt embossing powders, or puff liquid stamps. Adds a 3D aspect to craft projects and completely changes papers.

Embossing powder - For use with stamps and an Embossing gun to make patterns and stamps on all sorts of papers. Buy in a huge mix of colour as well as a selection of glitters.

Ink pads - You might think that you can only use ink pads with stamps but they are far more versatile than you would think. They can be used to paint paper and crate edges and effects on photos and mounts. These come in an endless arrays of colours too

Stamps - These are great for creating your own cards and toppers, as well as boarders and backing cards. Again majorly versatile only your imagination can hold you back really. These come in so many sizes and shapes, even disney characters have their own sets!

Papers and Journals

Scrapbooking papers - Large squares of paper intended to fit scrapbook wallets. These can come in so many different patterns and can usually be bought in a book or set of similar themed pages. These are best for a singular scrapbooking project so they will be cohesive.

Scrapbooks - Traditional scrap books are usually a square shape and contain wallets to hold the finished scarp booking pages or already include base scarp booking pages for you to work on. If your loved one is a scrapbooker they can never have too many scrapbooks as they are the base element for all projects.

Card stock - Oh the fun you can have with a nice pretty pile of card stock. They possibilities are endless, and the different patterns and papers you can get are huge! They are needed for any type of paper craft so will be used by everyone

Smash Journals - This is a new craft form so is quite popular at the moment. Created by K&Company the original smash books come in a few different patterns. They're large journals with a number of different papers in them, and are intended for journaling, scrapbooking and generally shoving everything in.

All the little stuff

Glitter - This can be fun for children and adults. Everyone likes a little bit of glitter don't they! It can be used to add some sparkle to all sorts of projects

Rub-ons - Like temporary tattoos but you rub them on to paper not your skin. Comes in a selection of shapes and words. They have better staying power than word stickers and look as if they are printed onto the paper, but can be placed anywhere.

Stickers - There are oh so many! Everybody loves them and everybody will use them at some point. Whether simple words, picture corners, graphics or characters they are all fun.

Ribbons & Threads - These can be glued onto a project or used to thread other objects on to them. Or even weaved through papers or tied to journal binding rings. They add a cute aspect to any project and again the selection is endless.

Mini pads - Think post-it noted but prettier. Mainly intended for scrapbooking and smash booking to allow for small amounts of journaling and info to be simply added to a page or picture.

Toppers - You can buy pre done toppers to make card projects easier. They will have all sorts of shapes and graphics on them and can be seriously cute. Toppers are really defined by anything that is already made ready to be stuck straight onto a project

Brads - These are split pins with a pretty coloured top or little shape. Great for adding tags to your craft projects and keeping items lose so they move a little rather than glueing them down

Other places to buy paper craft supplies

Paper craft supplies can be bought from all sorts of other places. You will be surprised where you can find items that can be used in paper craft projects. Supermarkets often have small craft or party areas. I often pick up pretty items in Pound stores (dollar stores) that I can cut up and stick on things.

I'd also say to check out Etsy, if you have never heard of it before it is an online market place for all things hand made and all sorts of crafting supplies. They have such an amazing collection of items for every sort of craft.

Hope this helps

Hope this helps you find the perfect gift for your loved one. Crafting is such a great hobby, but its also expensive, so giving some one a gift of crafting items will always be received well. They will love them!

If they aren't crafters then maybe one of my other gift lists will be better for you.


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