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Picks for Plus Size Womens Costumes for Halloween

Updated on May 24, 2011

Flirty Goodness with Women's Plus Size Costumes

Halloween is on a Saturday for 2009. It's gonna be big and it's gonna be fun!  So what are the best ideas for women's plus size costumes? Scroll down to see the list below:

  • Lady Pirates
  • Vampiress
  • Sexy Nurses
  • Witches
  • Queen Costumes such as Cleopatra
  • Flappers from the Roaring 20's
  • Little Red Riding Hood

There are plenty more to consider such as nurses, fairies, school girls, princesses, french maids, and renaissance wenches.

Plus Size 2x to 4x Sexy Pirate Costumes Ideas for Women on Amazon

The Rustic Pirate Lady Costume

Miss Elizabeth Swann and Anamaria (Pirates of the Caribbean) started the lady pirate craze that's been going on for quite a few years now. It's no different this year. In fact, still a favorite for the plus size woman is the rustic pirate. The gold trimmings are fabulous, yet only in ample amount so as not to be gawdy. The rustic look is what a pirate princess should wear if there were such a thing as pirate princesses. For a great alternative, check out the colorful Women's Plus Size Pirate Costume Gold Doubloon.

Vampiress Elite

One thing about Halloween, there are no shortages of blood suckers. But don't just be a measly blood sucker, be a Queen of the night. This particular plus size women's costume is elaborately decorated. It comes with a full length crimson gown with attached black corset, vampire collar and lace overskirt.

With the right touch of make-up, a push-up bra, and Euro accent, men will be hypnotized even before you gaze into their eyes. Then take them into the night, since the next day is Saturday!

Private Nurse

Healthcare is a big topic in 2009. And there's nothing more in need than a good nurse. But a great private nurse in sexy costume is a must for all! The Sexy Private Nurse costume is a new addition for 2009.

This one comes with a white dress that allows the curves to "express" themselves, with red vinyl trim and accenting will highlight the warmth of your devotion to your work. Comes with a matching cap to keep your hair in place... at least for a little while. This is the best stimulus package.

Also there are plenty more sexy plus size nurse costumes to choose from.

Wicked Witch of the West

No Halloween is complete with the cackle from the most famous witch of all. If you're looking for a classic adult costume, this is one of them. Right away, fans of the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, will recognize you.

The plus size witch costume comes with black gown and hat. You'll have to provide the green make-up, broom, shoes, and cackles.

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile

Speaking of queens, Cleopatra costumes seem simple enough so that you can do it yourself and not have to buy a full costume. These plus size women's costumes, however, are elaborated with the adornment of gold studded collar and custom jewelries. Plenty of room to get creative with the hairstyling which is half the fun.

Want an alternate queen?  How 'bout one from the Renaissance.  Queen Elizabeth costume.

Flappers from the Roaring 20's

There was a time, long, long ago, when dressing up for fun was an everyday affair. There were jazz music, art deco, booze, and smokes for all. Relive the Roaring Twenties once more as a legendary flapper.

One of the simpler, yet naughty plus size costume ideas, these women's costumes come with black layered-fringe dress with sequin trim and black sequin headband.

Be sure to have a chin-length bob to complete your costume. Smokes are always optional.

Red Riding Hood Elite Collection

You will look delicious in this charming costume from a classic fairytale. This Red Riding Hood costume includes a peasant style dress with attached red/white gingham apron and a red velvet hooded cape. You won't be able to keep the big bad wolves at bay.

The above are just some suggestions for Halloween costumes. Depending on where you live, women's plus size pirate costume and other plus size costumes for that matter may not be available for traditional retail. But you can buy them online. Start with the biggies like Amazon and eBay. Also, social shopping sites, like, where shoppers like you recommend adult plus size Halloween costumes and other products are good places to start.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Rustic Plus Size Pirate Women's CostumeVampiress Elite Collection Adult Plus CostumeCleopatra Adult Plus CostumeFlapper Fashion Plus (Black) Adult CostumeWicked Witch Plus Elite Collection AdultGothic Vampira Plus Elite Collection AdultVoluptuous Vampire Adult PlusRed Riding Hood Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume
Rustic Plus Size Pirate Women's Costume
Rustic Plus Size Pirate Women's Costume
Vampiress Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume
Vampiress Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume
Cleopatra Adult Plus Costume
Cleopatra Adult Plus Costume
Flapper Fashion Plus (Black) Adult Costume
Flapper Fashion Plus (Black) Adult Costume
Wicked Witch Plus Elite Collection Adult
Wicked Witch Plus Elite Collection Adult
Gothic Vampira Plus Elite Collection Adult
Gothic Vampira Plus Elite Collection Adult
Voluptuous Vampire Adult Plus
Voluptuous Vampire Adult Plus
Red Riding Hood Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume
Red Riding Hood Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume


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    • profile image

      Cleopatra Costumes 8 years ago

      That is an awesome hub. I'm a fan of Cleopatra and would like to suggest the new Egyptian Goddess themed costumes. They are sexy yet subtle but oozes great feminine charms. Do visit my blog site at

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      I'm torn between the ghost pirates of POTC1 where they were more skeletal and POTC2/POTC3 where they were more sea demons, for lack of better word.

    • profile image

      Edward  8 years ago

      I think the ghost pirate outfits are another elaboration on the general pirate theme. This is also thanks to POTC, as they have sought to make the stories more supernatural and mythical. Pirate ghost outfits allow you to indulge your compulsion to dress as a pirate and say 'yeearrrr', 'shiver me timbers' and the like. But a really scary costume also allows you to scare the daylights out of your family and friends. What could be better at Halloween time.

    • reagu profile image

      reagu 9 years ago from Los Angeles

      Pirates costumes are becoming more elaborate. It used to be pretty simple, just need a puffy shirt (Seinfeld), eye-patch, fake swords, etc. But Pirates of the Caribbean pushed the design to different levels.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 9 years ago from France

      I like the idea of a Pirate Princess. I must start looking for costumes now as I always have a big party for Halloween. I have already done the Diablesse, the formula one suit and last year I did the little red riding hood. So maybe this year the Pirate theme might be on!