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Plan Ahead: Save Money on Decorations with After Christmas Sales

Updated on June 30, 2011

Do you find yourself running around looking for bargains on Christmas decorations every year just before the holiday? Do you stress over how expensive they are and run from one store to another in search of sale prices that make it possible for you to purchase the decoration items that you really want?

Do these questions sound familiar? If so, before all of the holiday items are gone from the stores this January, stop and engage in a little strategic planning. Think about what Christmas decorations you currently own, consider the ones you’d like to have, and shop around at after Christmas sales to find them at bargain prices!

Save Money by Shopping Post-Season Sales

Do you look at after Christmas sales, but avoid purchasing because you won’t need holiday decorations again for another year? While you will have to store the items you purchase after the current holiday season until it’s time to decorate for next year, the amount of money that you save can certainly make it worthwhile to do so.

The day after Christmas, most stores reduce the prices on holiday décor items to 50 or 75 percent off retail. Additionally, many major department stores feature dollar value or percentage discount coupons in their newspaper, direct mail and online advertisements to help keep revenue up after the busy holiday season – which can help you save even more.

As time goes by, even deeper discounts are taken, with prices often ending up as low as 95 percent below retail before everything is cleared out shortly after the first of the year. Of course, the most desirable items tend to sell first, so you won’t want to wait very long after the holidays to purchase items you really, really want.

Budget for After Christmas Sale Shopping

People often lament being unable to take advantage of post-holiday Christmas decoration sales because they spent all of their money on decorations and gifts before the holiday and don’t have funds left to spend afterward. That’s a very real concern, but it’s one that you can avoid by planning ahead to make the most of your holiday decorating budget money.

Before you spend a lot of money on new decorations this year, look closely at what you already own and see if you can “get by”. Set aside the money you would have spent on new ornaments and other items and save it for the after Christmas sales. You’ll be able to purchase two or three times as many items for next year (and beyond) with the same amount of money. While you’ll need to make do with a little less this year, you’ll be well situated for future holidays.

Additional Tip

If you just can't wait until after the current season to purchase at least a few new Christmas decorations, see 5 Bargain Hunting Tips for Christmas Ornaments for ideas on how you can look for great deals now.


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  • Wendy Krick profile image

    Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

    I always buy extra ornaments and wrapping paper after the holidays. They are so much cheaper.