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Plan Your Holidays.

Updated on August 13, 2009

Holidays and vacation play a rejuvenating role in your life. But if do not plan them, it will increase the stress level and you may not be able to enjoy them.

In preparing for a holiday, there are many things you must do before you travel. These tips may be useful.

1. You should check the destination of your choice for the weather forecast.

2. If you use mini toiletry items, you can save a lot of space. These items should be kept in freezer bags so that leakage can be avoided.

3. Camera, jewellery, keys, money,etc. should be packed separately and they should also be easily accessible.

4. You should have enough snacks, eatables and water for the journey.

5. Entertainment materials like music, books and toys will save you from boredom when you are forced to do some waiting.

6. You should keep an extra bag with you so that you can carry the items you buy during the vacation.

7. Before start of the journey, you should see that your pets are left with some friends, relatives or neighbours or in the kennel so that they can be taken care of till you return from your holidays.

8. For holidaying, you should weigh the options between renting a car for reaching the destination or some other mode of transport like air travel, train, etc. Costs and convenience should be compared to choose the best option.

9. If you have chosen driving, you should not over-load the car with a lot of unnecessary items. Your packing must be done prudently. If you try to make a list of things you may need, you may wonder that many unnecessary items used to be carried on earlier occasions.

If the family is large, you may opt to rent a trailer for storing the baggage or you can use the top carrier of the car.

10. You want to have some good time during your vacation. Hence you should not strain yourself much preparing for the vacation. If you do things in an organized manner, everything will be smooth.

11. If the holidays are planned suddenly, the following points may be of some help:

Sit quietly and make a list of things you may need the most. If any purchases have to be made, make them at one go so that you need not waste time visiting shops often.

Since the holidays are planned suddenly, you may not have sufficient funds. If you can mobilise the required funds, that is good or otherwise, you have to manage the trip within the available budget. In that case, you can browse the net and get to know cheap air tickets and cheap hotels, without making compromises on the 'comfort' element.

You can also do some research to find out the leisure and vacation activities in the destination of your choice which will suit the tight budge you have.

Though the holidays are planned suddenly, you should make it a point to reach the airport much earlier so that you will not face any last-minute hassles. You can also use this time to organize and fix your things neatly.

12. If you are a woman and if you want to improve your glamour quotient during your holidays, you can add a bit of shimmer so that you have the alluring looks throughout the day and your make-up bag must contain all your favourites.

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