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Make Your Trip A Pleasure

Updated on December 7, 2011

Tours to different places of interest should be a pleasure. The following tips may help you in deriving the maximum pleasure out of your travel and tours.

1. Your travel destination must be researched thoroughly. These days, there are potential threats like terrorists' attacks and the break-out of swine-flu in Mexico, etc. Places prone to such incidents must be avoided.

2. When you travel abroad, you should keep with you the contact details of the Embassy of your country. This will help you during tricky situations you may face during your stay in the alien land.

3. You should be in a position to access emergency cash in case you lose your debit or credit cards. This can be facilitated by keeping sufficient cash with a friend in the place of visit or by keeping enough cash in the Locker in the place of your stay.

4. You should keep copies of the vital documents like passport, credit/debit cards, driving license, etc. with you. These will be handy if you happen to lose the originals during your stay.

5. You can seek the help of some travel assistance services for having itinerary trips around the country of your visit, guide facilities and for getting briefs before making trips to certain places of interest.

6. You should ensure that your place of stay like hotels adopt suitable safety measures so that the occupants stay there with peace of mind. Such safety measures include fire extinguishers and detectors, CCTVs, Emergency exits, etc.

7. Occupying rooms on the higher floors is a safe option because you can escape from break-ins and the mischiefs of petty thieves. At the same time, you should not choose a much higher floor, say beyond floor 6, since there will be difficulty in escaping during times of emergency like fire, etc.

8. You should study the place of your stay thoroughly so as to know the location of the emergency exit, evacuation routes and the positioning of fire extinguishers closest to your room so as to use them when a need arises.

9. The most important thing is not to leave your valuables in your room. Usually, in all big hotels, a safety locker is provided to the occupants. You can use it for keeping your valuables. Another important thing is that you should never forget to lock your room when you venture out of your room.

The above tips may sound trivial but they will go a long way in making your trips enjoyable and memorable.


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    • Maryanne Maguire profile image

      Maryanne Maguire 7 years ago from Santa Monica, CA

      I am so ready for a trip! Good hub.