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Planning An Oprhans Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Party With Or Without The Family

Updated on October 23, 2009

Not every Thanksgiving can be spent with family.  For those who can't (or won't) visit their family this Thanksgiving, here's a guide to planning an "orphans Thanksgiving" to help keep the mood high this holiday.  Instead of bringing in the extended family, throw a high spirited Thanksgiving party with friends and loved ones.  It can be the perfect way to keep the Thanksgiving spirit alive when traditional family Thanksgiving's just aren't an option.

So, follow these simple tips to filling up an Orphans Thanksgiving this holiday season and find out just how much fun it can be?

Preplanning for an Orphans Thanksgiving Party

When planning an Orpahns Thanksgiving party, think about exactly who is going to be invited to the event before you send out invitations.  Although an orphans thanksgiving is supposed to be a fun Thanksgiving replacement, don't be afraid to host the party a week before or a week after Thanksgiving.  It is more important that as many guests can attend as possible than holding it one specific Thursday.  After all, it is about the companionship not the date that matters.

Plan the tone of your event around who you plan to event.  Do you have a lot of old college buddies who tend to get a bit rowdy?  Plan your Thanksgiving party around having plenty of beer and spirits and maybe go nuts and cook the Thanksgiving turkey out on the grill.  if you have a more professional, relaxed bunch it is probably best to remain a bit more traditional with the affair.

Whatever group you have showing up though, don't be afraid to keep the orphan's Thanksgiving event lively.  Have a bunch of fun movies and party games running throughout the night that people can join and leave at random intervals.  If you have a Nintendo Wii, go ahead and bust out a few of the family friendly multiplayer games.

An Orphans Thanksgiving Menu: Potluck Please!

Don't let the party end up being a drag on you, the host!  Naturally, the person who owns the stove should be in charge of the turkey. However, ask the rest of the guests to provide the sides and desserts.  To make it a learning experience, ask everyone to bring a dish that their family used to make that they think is particularly special.

Of course, don't let the guests run around without any guidance.  Otherwise you might end up with eight green bean casseroles.  It doesn't matter how much you say you like it, it probably isn't going to make the guests miss mashed potatoes any less.  Make sure all of your orphans Thanksgiving goers are on the same page when it comes to food.

Enjoy Yourselves!

The real goal is to just have a good time.  If the party isn't perfect, relax.  At the end of the night, no one will care about how well the bathroom was cleaned or how perfectly the napkins were folded. Everyone is there to laugh and eat and spend some time together.

An Orphans Thanksgiving party is a great way for those who can't be with their families for whatever reason to still experience the warmth and joy of celebrating Thanksgiving.


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    • KCC Big Country profile image

      KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

      The whole episode is in my hub, found on YouTube. It's hilarious.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Thanks for the link!

      I actually haven't seen that episode, although I've certainly seen my share of Cheers :)

      We did this in college a few times when our families schedules and our classes didn't match up.

    • KCC Big Country profile image

      KCC Big Country 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Len! I'm heading over to post a link to this hub in my Cheers Orphan Thanksgiving Hub! It's perfect! I'm assuming you've seen that episode of Cheers, right?