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Women's Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Updated on August 18, 2010

Sexy Plus Size Costumes

Not everyone is a stick figure. Most women have curves, and even more women just consider themselves plus size. Plus isn't always a bad thing, and you'll find that there are so many women who prefer to be a little bigger. Many men actually like their women with a little meat on their bones. I mean really, the skinny minny who's always dieting just looks frail and fragile.

Skinny is not always a good thing, as when it comes to finding Halloween costumes that actually fit, it can be quite problematic. Your boobs don't fit this one, or your butt doesn't look right in that one.

Anyway, when it comes to choosing a plus size costume, many women tend to fill them out much better than you'd think, and no you don't have to be the pumpkin or the big white ghost for Halloween.

There are sexy Halloween costumes for plus size women. You can easily feature your attributes and sway attention away from areas that you don't want noticed.

When choosing a plus size costume, you really have all the same options as everyone else. You can be a sexy maid, vampire, witch, pirate wench, cave woman, or super hero. You can be whatever and whoever you want to be. You can be as sexy or drab as you want. Don't let your imagination let you down when dressing up for Halloween.

You can make or buy your costume, all depending on how crafty you may be. Below, you'll find a several nice costumes for plus size women, as well as tips to choosing a costume. Remember to have fun choosing your Halloween costume, and be safe on Halloween.

Don't throw on a big sheet or baggy clothes for Halloween. Be sexy. Be the woman who you want to be on a daily basis. You don't want to be Fiona from Shrek, or Wilma from the Flintstones. Don't be the frumpy witch if you don't want to be, be the sexy, sleek, and mysterious witch that all the guys want to be with.

Remember that the baggier your costume, the bigger you'll look. If you want to look and feel sexy, you may have to go out of your comfort zone a little bit and wear something a little more tight and/or revealing.

You want to point attention to your attributes. If you feel like you have a larger belly, sway attention up or down, don't direct everyone's eyes to your stomach.

Give yourself curves and a bustier top half.

Consider a costume with a corset that you can lace a little tighter so that you can give yourself the appearance of a thinner waistline; just be careful of tightening the corset too tight that you can't breathe.

Depending on what kind of costume that you want, what you're looking for will vary. Just remember that it's important to direct attention to your attributes.

  • Shorter skirts will give the appearance of longer legs.
  • A top with a tapered waist and darts will accent your shape.
  • Medium to large size belts will give the appearance of a slimmer waistline.
  • Vertical stripes emphasize height, which can make you appear slimmer.
  • Darker colors hide bulges, as long as they are tapered properly.
  • V shaped tops will draw attention to the bust line and away from the middle section.
  • Heels will help balance out your weight and give your a more proportioned look, as well more height.
  • Adjustable is always good so that you can fit the top better.
  • Stretch fabrics are just in general great to consider.

Avoid the following:

  • Heavily patterned fabrics.
  • Horizontal lines can make you appear wider.
  • I want to stress that you need to avoid shapeless costumes and those that are over-sized. You're not hiding the weight, you're making it appear worse.
  • Clothes that are too tight can cause you to pop out where you may not want too.

You want to love your body, and accentuate what you have. Tailored outfits and costumes are great. Have fun this Halloween.


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    • Philipo profile image


      9 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice one. Very useful especially for the plus-size.


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