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Sexy Goth Halloween Costumes

Updated on August 18, 2010

Goth Costumes

Black is already sexy, but it's time to make cobwebs, witches, and vampires sexy. Goth costumes are a popular choice for Halloween. You can make them very hot and sexy, and they're a great choice if you're the bright and cheery type personality. If everyone is used to seeing you in pinks and ponytails, it's time to turn that around on this one day, and where something dark and dreary. Just make it sexy.

You can turn just about anything into a gothic style. Turn it black and dark with black shoes or boots, black gloves, a spiked choker, horns, a hooded robe, and even a dark wig. You can add dark blue, purple, maroon, and even red and hot pink accessories if you want to spice it up a bit. Just don't go too far with it, or you'll look silly. Keep the accessories minimum.

You want to make sure that you use black eye liner and nail polish to finish off your look, as well as dark lipstick (a dark red is a great color).

Depending on what you're looking at dressing up as, you don't want to add all the accessories that you can. If you're a dark angel, you don't need a robe. But a thin, sexy, black overcoat will definitely add dimension to a short dress underneath.

If you already dress in the gothic attire, you probably already have some of these accessories and items, but if you already wear gothic attire, you may not want to have a goth Halloween costume. You really have two options: 1) dress up as something you're not, such as a preppy, sexy school girl, or 2) go to the extreme and wear something you probably couldn't get away with regularly.

Choosing a Gothic Costume

When choosing a Halloween costume, you've got many options. Don't think that goth costumes are all long, black dresses and dreary looks. You can be sexy. Believe it or not, you can even find sexy goth nurse and school girl costumes.

You can be traditional or futuristic. Play with your costume. If you make your costume and put it together yourself, think about what goth is today and what it may be in the future, or what it was originally. You can play with your costume and make it unique. Just remember think sexy, feel sexy, be sexy.

If you don't want to make your a Halloween costume, you can just buy one that already comes with everything you need, except maybe a wig, simple accessories, and the attitude to pull it off.

Some ideas that you may want to consider include:

Gothic Angel- You can go simple with an angel costume with black wings and a black halo. Use dark lipstick. Or you can purchase a goth angel costume that will probably come with a black costume and the wings, probably the halo, too.

Gothic Vampire- Wear a short black dress with a long hooded robe; if you can find a lace-up corset that would be perfect. Throw on vampire fangs and maybe some gothic makeup to finish off the outfit.

Gothic Bride- Pick out a dark dress with torn or jagged edges with a black veil and sheer arm gloves. You can probably pull off a short red dress instead of the black. Just remember knee high boots. Tote around a black roses, and you're set.

Gothic Witch- Again, you've got the short black dress with a dark blue or purple lace, choker collar, lace up high black boots, and maybe even a studded belt. Don't forget about the witch hat.

Gothic School Girl- Find a black and red black or a black an white plaid skirt and a black corset, and you're good to go. Of course a find high black boots and a matching plaid tie (or just a black tie, maybe with a skull on it, if you feel that it works with the outfit). Black fishnets work great with a sexy goth school girl costume.

Just remember to put on a pair of fishnet stockings for shorter skirts and costumes, as this will definitely set off a gothic costume.

There are many ideas that you can go with and many gothic Halloween costumes that you can choose. Just remember to keep it dark. Dark accessories, dark hair, dark makeup, and a dark costume.

Short, low cut, and tight will keep the outfit sexy, and dark will keep it gothic.

Have fun and be safe.


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    • James Peters profile image

      James Timothy Peters 

      6 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      There's just something about a goth chic that makes me...well, you know what I mean!

      Great Hub!

      Write On!

      Thumbs Up & More!

    • GeneriqueMedia profile image


      8 years ago from Earth

      Love these, especially the goth school girl...but I should be quiet about that. ;)

    • Whitney05 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Georgia

      Very true, which is why I mentioned if you normally dress in gothic attire, either try something way out of the ordinary and go bright and cheery or just go extreme goth. At least those who dress goth, already have all of the accessories. They just need a new outfit, or just revamp an old outfit.


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