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Presents for Men: Buy a Gift for Him Online

Updated on May 25, 2015

Buy Cool Gifts for Men

Sometimes it is hard to buy the gift that is just right for a man, but the following gift ideas for the man whom you want to please, should get you started on buying the best presents. You can buy online or go to the local sporting goods or electronics store, but these unique gifts and gadgets are cool.

All of these best presents for men can be found at, a trusted vendor for one stop online shopping and shipping. There you can buy gifts for men and have them delivered in time for that special occasion. Whether you want to buty an Xbox 360 Connect, or a remote controlled helicpopter, shopping online for the bets presents now more convenient than ever.

Garmen Fishfinder for the Fisherman

If your man likes to fish, he will love Garmen's small sonar fish finder that is easy to use, and fits most anywhere. While it comes with user-friendly instructions, he probably won't read them, he will be in too big a hurry to catch some fish! You can find it at the Amazon link below.

Gift Ideas for Men Who Golf

A 12 pack of Calloway golf balls will please any man who loves to golf, and if you have more than one golfer, you can always use the balls and tees as stocking stuffers if you are wanting to buy a gift for him online for Christmas!

Presents for Men Who Hunt

With 2 speeds and a 150 foot range this 400,000 candlepower spotlight may reach up to a half mile, to eliminate annoying dark spots for the hunter. l reach distances of up to one-half mile. Light beam rotates through 370 degree horizontal, and 135 degrees vertical. The remote control features a dual speed and 150-ft. range. It is saltwater and weather exposure resistant.

Boy Toys for the Boy in the Man

Presents for the couch potato who loves video games, get those men off that couch and moving! The X-Box 360 Connect allows you to use your body, hand wave or gesture to interact with the games and each other. Includes Wi-Fi and cool matching black controller and head set.

The Ironman-2 jump drive includes USB ports with 4 gigs of memory is a useful gag gift for the geek in your family. This is a better choice than the Hello Kitty jump drive :).

If you buy a gift for the man who doesn't ever miss a game, then s Sirius XM Satellite radio, is what he will want. The gadget that combines the very portable radio and an IPOD as well. Record as many as 5 channels simultaneously.

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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Great suggestions here. My hubby is both a hunter and a golfer so this was useful!

    • CharlotteHughes profile image

      CharlotteHughes 7 years ago

      I was thinking maybe some bath soaps, LOL..