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What are some good Christmas presents?

Updated on November 30, 2011

What Are Some Top Christmas Presents?

Looking for just the right present can be challenging. Do you get a unique gift or one of the most popular top gifts? What are some good Christmas presents, and how do you know if you are getting a fair price? Can you get it shipped in time?

You can find the top selling items listed here, with some links to vendors like Amazon. You can find ideas for the hot selling gifts from each of the following caetgories: Electronics, Health and Beauty, and Outdoors gifts. Finally you can view some of the top toys. Christmas and Santa are always closer than you think, so don't wait too long to order, if you want to beat the Christmas mail rush and order that top Christmas gift in time.

What Are Some Cool Christmas Gifts?

Below are are some presents that are likely to make the list as a top Christmas gift. They are broken down by the category of the presents. Don't forget that if you wait too long, to buy, there may not be time to ship!

Electronics- A Top Christmas Gift

If you are shopping for presents for men, then a good gift for him may well be electronics.

This year, if you are looking for Electronics for your Christmas gift, then you should consider a Kindle, a GPS system, an IPOD, or an Xbox 360 Connect. If you think the Wii is awesome or were thinking of buying one, check out the newest XBox.

Like the Wii you can interact with the games by hand movements and gestures, but also it does what you tell it to do, listening to your voice! If you want a Global Positionining system by Garner, you can get a standard model, or one that lets you monitor your heart while you are using it!

The Kindle is an easy of the eyes book reader designed by Amazon. You download books on it and read it at your leasure. Some models come with Wi Fi or 3G internet connections, so you can surf the web as well.

Health and Beauty Products as Presents

If you are shopping for the man who has everything - except hair - then Rogaine makes a thougtful gift, either that or a hat. Rapidlash eyelash renewer is a great gift for her. And if she is worried that she doesn't look 20 anymore, then anti-aging formulas make perfect gift for her.

Top Gifts for the Outdoorsmen

The right choice might just be a pogo stick, for fun outdoors, and exercize too. This has been one of Amazon's best sellers, and is a unique git to give! The Razor Kick scooter can be fun, or a sensible way to commute without a car, for longer distances than you might think. A pair of binoculars is always a gift, and it can be good to buy something that is not a toy for your child, that can keep them busy for hours.

The top Christmas gift may be one from the above ideas, but toys can be appealing to the kids, or the kid in the adult, so see below for some ideas about what toys make a good Christmas present..

Photo: Christmas Presents by sun dazed

Top Toys that Make Good Christmas Presents

For toys, you can't beat a remote controlled helicopter, and dads love this toy even more than the kids. It has a built in gyroscope. Legos are a standby, and 405 pieces should keep them busy for a while. This tub of legls included photos for 5 models and lots of other picture ideas! And for the mad scientist of the family, a science kit is a fun and educational gift. Also educational for the child who thinks money grows on trees, is the toy cash register. Get them started on the lemonade stand with all the right tools. They can always get a job at Wal Mart!

Now a unique toy for boys not discussed, is something that is free. You can go to a Christmas parade or festival of lights in your neighborhood. And dont forget to make a toy, anything from a sock puppet, to a little red wagon. The best toys are hand made.

The Ultimate Christmas Present

The ultimate Christmas present is a unique one. Nothing says I love you like a warm smile, a hug and a thank you. Money will never buy the kind of warmth you can bring to a family event, or the delight your family will have singing Christmas carols together, especially if it involves some hot chocolate and some caroling to a nursing home, cancer ward or orphanage, So what are some good Christmas presents? Those that keep on giving, because of the joy you bring to others, and they then pass it along. 


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      xixi12 7 years ago from Everywhere but here. In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. You can never be truly free till you have the discipline to manage it.

      An xbox for christmas for me please. I would like santa to pass it through the chimney. Thank you. Nice hub

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      CharlotteHughes 7 years ago

      Gee, I would like all of them :)