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How We Select A Christmas Tree

Updated on November 14, 2011

There are two ways to select a Christmas tree, the easy way, and the "as a family" way. The easy way is very simple, jump in your car and head for the local department store, quickly head for the aisle where the artificial trees stand ready for selection and Grab One!

The "as a family" way is a bit more complicated: First we take several days to decide what day to get a tree. When that day finally arrives, my children, my husband, and myself, joined by my sister-in-law, her husband and three kids all pile into the old truck and head for the woods.

It would be reasonable to assume that from this point on it would be relatively easy----Not So!

The drive to the woods is usually fun, the kids are excited and having a great time. Upon entering the woods the search begins. We are not looking for just any old tree we must have the perfect tree! The kids all have different ideas about what is a perfect tree than the parents. To them the perfect tree is ten feet tall and six feet around. We stop and look at several trees never quite sure if this is "the one."

Finally, after driving or walking for several hours, we spot it---The Tree. It is two miles across the field, but it is beautiful, the green is just green enough, it looks nice and full, every branch seems to be in place. As we get nearer, the tree looks even more perfect, it is almost unbelievable, after all this time, we have found it. The closer we get to this wonder tree the more it begins to become apparent we have misjudged, once again, the perfection of this wonder of nature. When we finally get there our tree has only two imperfection, the back side of this tree has four branches spaced two feet apart and was growing in a ditch six feet deep. It is a monster tree!

The search may continue on like this for the remainder of the day before we are satisfied with , or maybe I should say settle for, a tree. You must understand this process must be completed for the selection of not only one but two trees. By the time all are satisfied with the trees, the kids are all tired , cranky, and sometimes wetter than the weather.

This weekend, this process was once again put to the test. We did the whole unique thing, step-by-step, only this time we did not find the perfect Christmas tree.

As I wrote this, our living room was tree less, my oldest son had the wonderful idea to try the easy way: However, knowing my family as I do, The Christmas Tree Ritual, will be preformed once again this weekend.

The perfect tree will once again liter our living room floor with bark and small pieces of cedar . Our house will once again have the usual smells of Christmas, and squeals of pain as cedar enters small bare feet.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting

I first wrote this over twenty years ago, my children were young, and this was an exciting adventure for them and I must admit I enjoyed the time together as a family. They are now grown with children of their own or expecting, the nieces and nephew too, have their own families. I don't think the tree selection ritual will be part of their Christmas celebrations!

As the time nears for selecting a tree for the Christmas celebration, this story always comes to mind, and I wanted to share some good memories of my young family.

I hope your Christmas Celebrations are always unique and blessed with wonderful memories.


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    • profile image

      jbright 6 years ago

      Thanks glad you enjoyed it. I know it sounds like fiction but this was a real yearly happening with little variation from year to yeaer.


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