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Setting New Goals In The New Year

Updated on December 4, 2008

When you think of the New Year, do you think of new beginnings?  New goals, new chances, a new lease on life?  What do you plan to do with your next year?

Global Goals

We all work together - consciously or subconsciously
We all work together - consciously or subconsciously

Global Goals

Consider the year a clean slate.  This is an opportunity for fresh outlooks, changes of attitude and behaviours.  There are so many reports these days of people mistreating other humans, animals, the biosphere, the planet.   And let's not forget the economy.  With such dismal news, is it possible to muster up some cheer and optimism to carry us all through until next year?  Certainly.

Each of us has our own way of dealing with such concepts.  There is no one right way of achieving such an ideal, but is is attainable.  Baby steps are a necessary beginning, especially in light of how low the human spirit seems to have sunk.

It starts with the small things, such as making a concerted effort to be more thoughtful of the things experts say we have taken for granted.  Empathy and compassion for others costs nothing and is an excellent example to set for the younger generation.  Starting to turn things around simple as that.

Campaigning for human rights, helping stray animals, being extemely cautious of your contribution to global assaultre all things which most of us can do with little trouble.  Again, the children see and learn by example.

Okay, so how does this help you personally?  Try it and see.  Your self-respect will grow.  You will feel better about the if you think that people are doing all they can to make it a better place.  When you feel good about yourself and the world around you, you feel happier.  Of course, this won't eliminate your debts, marriage problems, etc.  Those are a different set of goals.

Take Your Goals a Step at a Time

Ed. Note:  This article is a reprint from the February 1997 edition of the Old South Advocate
Ed. Note: This article is a reprint from the February 1997 edition of the Old South Advocate

Personal Goals

For any goal, the first step is to identify the target you are aiming for.  If, for example, you want to get a promotion at work, you first must figure out what position you are after.  With that firmly planted in your mind, determine what steps are necessary to get where you want to go.  Be sure that they are small, incremental measures which are obtainable.  If the steps are too large and vague, you may be setting yourself up to fail.

Using the job scenerio, perhaps you need to first take a course or some special training to qualify you for the position.  Next, you might want to talk to your supervisor about your ambitions, let him or her know the special things you have been doing towards that end and ask for help and advice.  After that, you could ask for a move within the company that lets you work more closely to your chosen position.  And so on.  You get the picture.

The same method of slow and steady moves is applicable to any life goal including problem solving, where the target is a solution.

From time to time, it is a good idea to review your plan, which, by the way, you should have down on paper somewhere.  There may be modifications or additions that need to be made, either from a change in your own thinking or from an unexpected turn of events.  Referring to your plan will also help you keep focused on your goal, especially if you feel like you are not getting anywhere.  A quick glimpse of your guide will reassure you that you are still on track.

There usually is no quick and easy way to achieve a desired goal.  It takes work, dedication and conscious effort.  Once you make a commitment to reach your target, you will be successful.

Best of luck in the New Year!


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