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Sexy Letter to Santa - Adults Only

Updated on November 17, 2009

Jingle Santa's Bells

Do you encourage your kids write a letter to Santa? Why not write your own letter to Santa? So, while your kids are busy writing their Santa letters, grab a piece of paper and get creative.

Sexy Santa letters, to your husband or lover, can give him lots of ideas and things to think about. The letter can be innocent or explicit. A simple piece of paper where you can express your inner most thoughts and desires. Santa loves to hear from bad girls, too.

Make a list of some special memories when you and Santa fell in love. Remember when you and he spent hours savoring each others lips, touches and desires? How about the times you spent wrapped in each others arms after a rollicking round of total lust and sexual abandonment?

Dear Santa ...

Your letter could start out something like, 'Dear Santa, I've been thinking about you. I remember your warm lips, passionate kisses in all the right places, and the way you looked in that red leather thong.'

And ...

'I've been a very good girl this year, Santa, but now I'm wanting you to bring me something bad, very bad. I want you to bring me a vibrator and show me how to use it. I'd like other toys that we could share and have fun with, too.'

'But, wait, that's not all Santa, I need to taste your kisses, and smell the scent of your skin. Maybe you could just drop those big baggy red pants before you bend over to put my presents under the tree! Or, maybe you'd like me to come to where you are and help you open your big black belt. Just so you can be comfortable and take a short break on your busy night of work.'

So ...

'There are some other things I'd like, and so you don't forget, I'm writing them down. Here you go, my Santa with a heavy hung bag full of toys:

designer perfume

Mercedes Benz

diamond bracelet

cruise to Alaska

gold earrings

dinner in Paris

Oh, yes, I'd like a trip around your pole, oops, I meant a trip around the North pole. And a ride on your sex, no, no, I meant a ride in your sleigh. How about wrapping around me, sorry, I meant how about wrapping me in fur. And, maybe you could eat my cookies, darn!, I meant I'll put out some cookies for you to eat.'

But, then ...

'What the heck, Santa, you're driving me crazy! I want you just as much this year as I always did. I'll light the candles, put out a plate filled with condoms, and wait for you in the bedroom. This good little girl wants to be very, very bad. Don't be late, Santa!'

See, who says you can't write a letter to Santa once you've grown up or get married? If you love him, let him know. Besides, Santa always brings bad girls the best gifts!


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    • profile image

      iraqi from north iraq 5 years ago

      i wanna sexy letter not words but i realy like it thanks noone no iraq right hahaha

    • profile image

      Joey Spagna 6 years ago

      I want a Nina Hartley DVD. I'll enjoy it ALL YEAR LONG.

    • profile image

      jennifer 7 years ago

      what a brillant letter to santa everyone needs a little laughter in life. keep going with the adult letters. lol

    • ivori profile image

      Barbara Eisenberg 8 years ago from Titusville

      LOL! I've never been accused of no imagination!

    • profile image

      totallcowboy 8 years ago

      Sounds like you have a very sexy imagination. I Like it.