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Sexy Spanish Halloween Costumes

Updated on December 7, 2013


So you want to wear a sexy Spanish costume this year? There are loads to choose from on Amazon and all at very reasonable prices, and some of them are hot! hot! hot!!

Muy caliente!

Become a sultry Latina that all eyes will be on as you shimmy your way across the floor.

Learn a few Spanish phrases or dance moves to set the scene, and you will become the hot senorita that all the young men will be lusting after!

Imagine the sounds of Spanish guitar playing in the background while you dance the flamenco.

Even without all that dancing and looking sexy stuff, why not wear a lovely Spanish costume which you can accessorize with a fan to look the part?

Have a scroll down and look at the selection I have chosen for you're here.

Many Spanish costumes can be worn on occasions other than Halloween, like Spanish-themed parties or fiestas.

Flamenco music to play while you scroll down

flirty Spanish dancer dress
flirty Spanish dancer dress

This Spanish dress is absolutely gorgeous and you will feel like a princess wearing it!

It is also solidly made, so you can actually wear while dancing or attending fiestas or other public events

It consists of the dress with layered ruffles and matching veil. Really this is a lot more than just a Halloween costume - this dress is versatile and wearable to loads of occasions, including formal ones.

Spanish Mexican senorita costume
Spanish Mexican senorita costume

This is a gorgeous 2-piece outift in the most delectable colors!

It consists of a brightly colored front-fastening tie skirt that is super short at the front and long at the back, matched perfectly with a really pretty white crop top with brightly colored edging detail.

This will look superb if you have the figure to carry it off!

Spanish Flamenco Carmen Dancer Dress
Spanish Flamenco Carmen Dancer Dress

This is a figure-hugging red mini dress with a see-through sheer film taking it down to floor-length at the back and sides, but rising up to the hip at one side giving a very hot Latin look!

The sleeves are long and wide at the cuffs giving it an enchanted look and feel.

Paired up with a fan, high heels and a flower hair clip, you will look wonderful in this costume.

Bullfighter Tori Adore Adult Costume
Bullfighter Tori Adore Adult Costume

Bullfighter Tori Adore Adult Costume

This is a great bullfighters costume, consisting of a red and black velvet look dress with white ruffles at the front to imitate a bull-fighters shirt with a black sleeveless bolero top.

The costume comes complete with black necktie and red cape to entice that angry bull.

Stockings and shoes worn by the model in the photograph here are sold separately.

Very Spanish with a matador theme. Ladies never get involved with bull-fighting which is an all -male sport, but this costume almost makes you want to join in.


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    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 6 years ago from UK

      CrazyGata - what a brilliant name! Crazy cat! Wish I'd thought of that.

      Thanks for commenting but you really didn't need to leave a link. Anyone clicking on your photo can find all of your hubs, so they are already linked.

      Have a great Halloween and yes tag me in that photo you get you of you wearing the matador costume.

    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      You are going to make me break my Halloween budget!!!

      let's trade!!! those costumes are awesome!!! I'm gonna get the bullfighter and have a picture taken to tag you in it!\\

      HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! voted up!