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Should There Be a National Cheese Day?

Updated on July 2, 2012

National Cheese Day


Cheese is its Own Food Group

Cheese is a food group in its own right. So many may wonder why there is not a day dedicated to cheese. Well there is. But should there be? This lens explores various different aspects of cheese that will hopefully serve to answer the question of this lens. Maybe I'm making too big a deal out of something that is not that important to some. But trust me! There are many people who value cheese and would completely support the notion of a National Cheese Day.

Since Cheese Makes People Happy...

Cheese makes people happy. So it is right to have a national day for it. That day is the 4th day in June. Cheese is just one of those versatile foods. It can be melted or eaten by itself as a snack. It is the subject of snobbery but is almost as common as air (okay, that's a bit of a stretch). But cheese can be stretched too! I even have a funny story about a French friend of mine and a wine and cheese party that we were both at (more on that later).

June 4th is National Cheese Day

About Cheese

Cheese has been around for quite some time. It has been a staple food product in many different cultures from all around the world. Having been around for thousands of years we have come close to perfecting the art of making cheese.

How It's Made: Cheese

The Story of My French Friend and Cheese

This is very funny!

Now to my funny story. My French friend and I were at a wine and cheese party and I and another American friend were slicing the cheese in a way that agitated my French friend. She shrugged her shoulders and stated "you Americans don't know how to cut the cheese". And I remarked, "Oh we certainly do know how to cut the cheese. In fact, we're very good at it!" My American friend starting laughing almost uncontrollably knowing that our French friend didn't understand the reference to the slang "cut the cheese". We finally explained it to her and now she tells it to all her friends back home. If you are one that is not familiar with the phrase it can be easily looked up online.

Cheese is Vesatile!

Cheese is so diverse there are books written solely on the subject. Which is remarkable when you think about it. I mean, it is just one category of food, for goodness sake! It's amazing to think that there can be so many different varieties of cheese as well as different textures. Since I am writing this is June, I've decided to declare cheese the most versatile food in the world. Well, it's not anything official and it may change if I happen to find a food that is more versatile. But for the purposes of this article cheese wins the versatile contest!

There is No Right Answer - It's an Opinion Poll

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Cheese Pairings - What Does Cheese Go With?

Cheese goes with just about anything. It can be paired with wine, chocolate, fruit, etc. It can be transformed into exquisite desserts (marscapone, cheesecake, etc.) People put cheese on or in pasta (mozzarella, ricotta, Parmesan). I even like to pair my beer with cheese. Maybe not everyone agrees with this but it works for me. What kind of pairing do you make with cheese?

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Are You Convinced?

Hopefully this article has established the versatility of cheese. Why is this important? Because without some background that was given in the article, it would be extremely difficult to justify honoring cheese with it's own day. What do you think? Are you convinced?

What Do You Thing?

Should There Be a National Cheese Day?

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