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10 Signs You are Decorating for Christmas Too Early

Updated on November 22, 2013
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Christmas is Coming

I realize some of you love Christmas. You can't wait to put up a tree, break out the decorations, and begin the holiday season. Each year Christmas decorations seem to creep out of sheds, basements, closets, and attics earlier than the year before. So how early is too early? I daresay some of you are already decking the halls way too soon!

You may not realize it, but some of us enjoy celebrating holidays other than Christmas. Yes, some folks enjoy Thanksgiving or Halloween way more than Christmas. Now, brace yourself for this one, there are people on this planet that do not even celebrate Christmas at all. Gasp! Yes, these people really exist. I rather envy them for that matter, but nonetheless, not everyone wants to look at an assortment of Christmas decorations all over the place when it is clearly too soon to start decorating.

If you are concerned that you could be one of these "premature decorators" (and chances are, if you are reading this, you are guilty), then I am here to help you determine if it is too soon to decorate for Christmas. Maybe you've already put all the holiday d├ęcor up for this year. Just keep these signs in mind for next year so you can calm down and not decorate for Christmas too soon.

Halloween decorations meet Christmas tree.
Halloween decorations meet Christmas tree. | Source

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10 Signs You Are Decorating Too Early For Christmas...

  1. You decided to winterize the pool and put up the Santa decorations on the same day. You did all of this while wearing shorts and a t-shirt, yet you live in Maine. Putting the sunglasses on Santa was a nice touch though.
  2. Children were trick-or-treating in your neighborhood while you put up the Christmas tree in your home.
  3. You opted to paint your pumpkin red and green rather than carving it for Halloween. Putting the Santa hat on it and the garland was cute, but it was probably a little too much. The addition of the flashing red and green lights inside the pumpkin was definitely too much.
  4. There is really no need for a Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas extravaganza display in the middle of August, but yet, that very display exists in your yard.
  5. Passing out candy canes at the Halloween party, using a snowflake tablecloth, and adding reindeer figurines as the fall centerpiece was probably a little too festive for the situation.
  6. The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus have no business sitting in your front yard together in the middle of Spring. Santa needs his rest, so put him away until cold weather starts.
  7. You decided to dress as Santa Claus for Halloween this year... and last year... and the year before that... while putting up Christmas lights.
  8. Neighbors have accused you of keeping up Christmas lights all year long, which just isn't true. You just happened to put the lights up in May.
  9. The animatronic reindeer are looking awfully strange in your front yard beside the scarecrow and Thanksgiving turkey. They've been creeping out your neighbors for way too long this fall.
  10. You used Halloween as an excuse to put up the Christmas tree early. Sure, you put something called "Halloween ornaments" on the tree, but each day, Christmas decorations replace them.


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