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Simple and Best Christmas Gifts for Children and Family

Updated on March 31, 2016

Christmas Gift for Children and Family

Family Christmas is a wonderful time for family since long time ago. But today, many families Christmas lost its meaning. Let we rejoice again with simple and best Christmas gifts. Christmas always bring love, care, and laugh to our family when we celebrate it. Look our children, they will disappointed when there is no Christmas union and especially gift for them. Christmas, God, Santa, have a secret and faithful meaning to heart of children.


Dad and Mom should know about 5 simple and best Christmas gifts which coloring and sparkling your Christmas family celebration. These 5 best gifts have reason and meaning in Christianity history. I did a research to find and wrote it just for you.

This writing is my simple Christmas gift for you. Please tell to your children about 5 Christmas gifts: Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, Mistletoe, Wreath, and chime/bell. Its meaning on Christianity and Christmas history will be a wonderful knowledge for our children.

5 Simple and Best Christmas Gifts

Maybe you have bought expensive gifts for your children. Children want Christmas celebration with gifts, food, church, and Christmas ornament. But most of all, children want love and attention from parent throughout years as their best of the best Christmas gift. Mom and Dad, here what you should prepare as your simple and best Christmas gifts.

Christmas Tree Gift and Saint Boniface

Mom and dad, children love their home Christmas Tree. Children want you put their gift under the tree. Kids love to decorate Christmas tree too. Buy one for your home, with star and colorful lights, as simple and best Christmas gift. Mom and Dad, told them a little history about Christmas Tree.

Saint Boniface
Saint Boniface | Source

In 8th Century, Saint Boniface (c. 672-754), British clergy who do mission in Germany, someday meets with group of local heathen tribes who would do sacrifice a child to a god Thor in the oak tree. Saint Boniface was trying to prevent that evil.

He miraculously got extraordinary power and able to knock down the oak tree. The place where oak tree toppled, then there grows into a pine tree. Saint Boniface said about that pine tree, "This humble tree's wood is used to build your homes: let Christ be at the center of your households. Its leaves remain evergreen in the darkest days: let Christ be your constant light. Its boughs reach out to embrace and its top points to heaven: let Christ be your Comfort and Guide."

Other story, Martin Luther cut pine tree. He put some candles in that tree as symbol of life. Since mid of 19th century, Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victory, introduced Christmas tree in London and England, and since then spread throughout the world.

Santa Claus Gift

Saint Nicholas lived at 4th century as Bishop of Myra, Turkey, and well known generous and loves children and poor people. His birthday, 5 December, celebrated in Holland as Children Party Day.

Saint Nicholas
Saint Nicholas | Source

When Dutch immigrant settled in America in 16th century, they bring that tradition and celebrated it. The celebration name changed and become Santa Claus. The appearance of Saint Nicholas who is thin was changing as fat with had and brown robe.

Santa Claus’s costume new design was made by Haddon Sundblom in 1931 as requested by Coca Cola Company. It brown robe was changing again into red robe and red cheek.

Santa Claus with red costume is "Santa" Claus we known today, the Coca Cola Clause who commercial Santa. So bring genuine Santa into your house, no matter what is coat colors, but the important is spirit of Saint Nicholas as your simple and best Christmas gift for children.

Mistletoe Leaves Gift

Mom and Dad, your Christmas tree needs Mistletoe leaf to bring love and peace. Mistletoe is name of plant which symbolizes the leaf of peace. Druid tribe believes that Mistletoe able to increase your health, fertility, and love. This tradition keeps alive until today and became one of Christmas symbol. A couple who kiss under Mistletoe is symbol of love and care.

Dad, please kiss mommy under the Mistletoe and Parent, kiss your kids too. Mistletoe is simple and best Christmas gift for your family Christmas.

Wreath Christmas Gift

A wreath is an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs and/or various materials that is constructed to resemble a ring. They are used typically as Christmas decorations to symbolize the coming of Christ, also known as the Advent season in Christianity. Wreath is hanged in the wall and house door. Christmas wreath is symbolize of God’s love which did not has ending and everlasting (likes circle), and eternal life for human kind.

Wreath made of several plants and flowers which has special meaning. They are usually made from evergreens and symbolize strength, as evergreens last even throughout the harshest winters. Bay laurel may also be used, and these wreaths are known as laurel wreaths. Put a wreath in your house door as simple and best Christmas gift to your family.

Saint Paulinus of Nola
Saint Paulinus of Nola | Source

Christmas Jiggle Bells

Christmas without jiggle bells is not looks like Christmas. Little bells usually hang as decoration at Christmas tree. Bells and it pictures appears in everywhere during Christmas. Tradition of using little bells as Christmas decoration is symbol of Church and devotions where we pray and praise the Lord.

Tradition of bells using in Church has begun since year of 420 AD by Saint Paulinus, Bishop of Nola, in Italy. Church bells have function as announcing of pray and devotions.

Children love little bells of Christmas tree. Bell is simple and best Christmas gift for our children. Let them hang it on Christmas tree. Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad! God loves you!

Tip: Best Christmas Gift for Children

Mom and Dad, are you confuse to find the best Christmas gift for your children? I hope this article will help you, and bring joy of Christmas to your home and family.


Roses and flower and roses are good Christmas gift too. Learn the meaning of roses color and also its number. This is great information for you:

God Bless us..! Merry Christmas and happy New Year..!


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    • eculligan profile image

      eculligan 7 years ago

      Very nice hub! Christmas is a special time of year for family.

    • kephrira profile image

      kephrira 7 years ago from Birmingham

      Interesting stories.