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30 Things To Remember if You're Single at University on Valentine's

Updated on June 25, 2011

Most people by now would have gathered I know a thing or three about being single and loving it. I also know the high level of difficulty of being single during Valentine's at University/college. The place where relationships are formed at the blinking of an eye and where any and everyone can hook up for or in time for V Day.

Don't Hate- Celebrate, appreciate, congratulate...Mutate...why not!

There are so many reasons to enjoy your single ladies status..I mean even Beyonce has a song to it. I get it university is a pressure cooker where you must get a man, because everyone else has one. Not to mention your coupled up friends do you no favours, bringing you all their emotional man baggage, for any advice you could offer. Screw them and screw the day- make it all about you, make V Day a YOU Day!

The following is a simple list of things we singletons forget about the awesomeness of being single, especially on the day the world seems to be in love.

The things to Remember...

  1. We can do what we like, when we like.
  2. We can go for days...dare I say weeks! without shaving our legs.
  3. We don't have to worry about regrowth, in the nether regions and hurry ourselves to get waxed....unless the 'Hollywood' is you're thing.
  4. We can go in give your 'area' a rest from all the shaving/waxing.
  5. We can pass gas! Yep no worries about holding it in, to the point of bursting/waiting for him to leave the room.
  6. We can wear Bridget Jones knickers/pants, when we want to :D You know you want to!
  7. We can imagine meeting the man of our dreams, and know we're not settling for a uni wannabe.
  8. We don't have to keep looking at our phones, like it's our lifeline, wondering when the next form of contact will be.
  9. We're paranoia free, while those girls are still waiting for him to call/text since his last call/text 30 minutes ago.
  10. We can hang out with the girls, till whatever time without feeling guilty about quality time with our significant other.
  11. We can concentrate on us. Get our selves organised, accomplish our tasks on our terms.
  12. We can get our assignments done on time/ as best we can without the added distraction of testosterone.
  13. We can spend as much time as we want with our guy friends without worrying about the fluctuating levels of jealousy in our significant other.
  14. We can lavish love on our 'celeb lover'. Watch all his DVDs in one go, while stalking his interviews on YouTube. Sorry Johnny Depp.
  15. We're trendsetters. You know half the couples, at uni right now will be over with in a month or 3, leaving many in the realm of singledom- you're already on the up and up.
  16. We can try new things without needing to compromise or work around our beau's schedule.
  17. We don't have to dress to impress or sort our figures out for anyone but ourselves and only if we want to.
  18. We can eat when, whatever and how much we like, without getting 'that' look or told were too boring for being healthy.
  19. Our rooms can be as messy or as clean as we want it to be.
  20. We can go through PMS without being branded a bitchy banshee.
  21. We don't have to give details of our menstrual cycle to anyone.
  22. We can have a cheeky flirt with a guy- GUILT FREE!
  23. We don't have to pretend we like the awful gifts we get.
  24. We can watch whatever we want including that rerun of Flavour of Love...yeah he's gross but the shows funny as...without our choices coming under fire.
  25. We watch sports only when we want to.
  26. We can sing loudly and badly with hairbrush in hand to all our songs, especially the sappy, girly diva belters...Turn around, every now and then I fall apart...AND I NEED YOU MORE THAN NOW, AND I NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER....I really need you tonight FOREVER'S GONNA START TONIGHTTTTT FOREVER'S GONNNAAA..... Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.
  27. We save money come every type of holiday- we don't have to buy crap we don't want to.
  28. We can spend the money we save on mani's/pedi's or that dress we've had our eyes on.
  29. We can laugh/pity all the couples sat in the window of Ask or TGIF, who look as bored as...while we have all the fun in the world.
  30. Lastly my personal fave- We can Have SELFISH DAYS. You know what I mean, cut ourselves off from the rest of the world for a day or two and just spend it doing what ever we feel like. Cue the chick-flicks, chocolate and snugglies.

Will you be Single & Lovin' IT on V Day?

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    • Sa Toya profile image

      Sa Toya 8 years ago from England

      lol yep granny knickers are the way forward.

      You just made me smile too x

    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 8 years ago from Texas

      Great hub girlie, I am married but I still wear the granny panties and he luvs it he he. Have a good weekend. Once again you made me smile.