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Soccer Costumes for Halloween

Updated on October 6, 2015

Scary Soccer Mask


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Types of Soccer Costumes

Every World Cup, the popularity of soccer in the United States increases. Every year, the English Premier league is also increasing in popularity and as that happens so does the popularity of the players like Messi, Di Maria, Toure, and Hazard. There are three types of costumes that are typically associated with football or soccer.

  • Team Uniforms - An easy halloween costume is wearing the uniform of your favorite football club or soccer team. Putting this together is easy these days as all you'll need is a jersey from say Chelsea or Manchester City, a pair of shorts, and a pair of matching socks. For kids, typically you can find these all in one package. The best thing about this type of costume, is that kids will continue to wear the jersey throughout the year.
  • Goalies - When dressing up as a goalie, make sure you get a cheap pair of goalie gloves.
  • Soccer Ball costume - These come in two flavors, either a weird mask or a whole body outfit that's shaped like a ball.
  • Referee - black and white striped shirt if a typical referee, black shorts, and black socks complete this costume.

Chelsea Kids Uniform

Chelsea Kids 2014-2015 Soccer Jersey Set (Youths Age 5-6)
Chelsea Kids 2014-2015 Soccer Jersey Set (Youths Age 5-6)

Many sizes available for this Chelsea Uniform Jersey and shorts. You can also find their new yellow road jerseys.


Kids Uniforms from the English Premier League

I am finding more and more people who are following the English Premier League. And more kids wearing jerseys of the league teams, especially, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United. These all make great costumes for parties and, of course, trick or treating.

Best Goals in the English Premier League

Who is your favorite English Premier Football Team?

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